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Permission Analysis Extended – Feature #1

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    Dear DocuSnap Team!

    The aim of this new funtion should offer a new perspective (same level as File System and Share Point) within the Permission Analysis module to “see” where a spefic group or user has any kind of occurrence.
    Due the fact that the inventory process already fetched most of those informations for example permissions which are set on:

    1.) Active Directory Objects
    2.) Members of Server/Workstations Local Groups
    3.) NTFS File Systems and Shares
    4.) Exchange Mailboxes
    5.) SharePoint
    6.) etc. etc.

    the only thing to to (imho) is searching the different tables (tADSRights, tSPPermissions, etc) within the database for the occurrence of an specific SID or Name and display them the same way as in the various available views (Permission Analysis, Structure View).

    A great side effect is, that you can easily enrich the view by gather permission-data of other modules eg. IIS, SQL, etc.

    Would be great if you may mention adding this new feature soon – due no other competitor in Asset and Software Inventory Management has this kind of availibilty yet – which gives you a great competitive edge and your customers the availability to have a better insight of their environments and existing dependencies.


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    Hello Alex!

    Thank you for your suggestions. We will include it in our feature list.
    The requirements are an appropriate assessment and subsequently subjected to a ranking.

    Best regards

    Your Docusnap Support Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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