Testimonials about Docusnap

A selection of our current references

“All customer information is stored in a central place and accessible to everyone!”
 Horst Kasper | Company Owner | Rescue EDV

“Docusnap is perfectly suited for certifications.”
 Bernd Reiss | Corporate Management | ABACUS Systemberatung OHG
“Straightforward visualisation of customer documentation adapted to a managing director’s perspective. Docusnap clearly maps the data structures in the permissions sector.”
 Josef Nöst | Corporate Management | ABREVIS IT Handels GmbH
“Docusnap helps us to optimise data privacy!”
 Thomas Schönberger und Jürgen Holmer | Member of IT Staff | Adelholzener Alpenquellen GmbH
Adelholzener Alpenquellen GmbH
“We used Docusnap to create an adequate emergency manual.”
 Ralf Hartung | System Administrator | Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH
“Thanks to Docusnap, we obtain highly detailed information about our IT landscape-with minimum effort.”
 Werner Kessler | Head of IT | Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH
Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH
“Docusnap assists us in inventorying our software/manage our licenses and creating an overview of all our computer installations, and much more.”
 Block Kerstin | Assistant of Technical Management | ANTENNE BAYERN GmbH & Co. KG
“Docusnap allows us to quickly inventory our hardware and software within the network and to visualise the network topology. Apart from this, it is of great help for licence management. Friendly and speedy support.”
 Armin Neische | Head of IT | APASSIONATA GmbH
“Docusnap is user-friendly, making the administrator’s daily tasks a lot easier and providing him with a good overview of the existing infrastructure.”
 Harald Wittke | IT Department | Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband
Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband
“A basic advantage of Docusnap 5.1 is the time saved by handling only 1 central software!”
 Martin König | IT Services Director | Azur Space Solar Power GmbH
“Special mention deserves the value for money as well as the straightforward implementation and easy handling.”
 Liebs Jürgen | Head of IT | Badischer Landwirtschaftlicher Hauptverband e.V. (BLHV)
“Docusnap is a nice and clear documentation tool for an organised IT infrastructure.”
 Rees Sebastian | Deputy Head of IT | BDH-Klinik Braunfels
“We were looking for a possibility to quickly inventory our hardware and software inventories in a straightforward way to always be ready for reporting or auditing. Thanks to Docusnap, we now have a permanently updated system documentation and an overview of all our hardware and software.”
 Harald Wittke | Head of IT | Bertelsmann Stiftung
Bertelsmann Stiftung
“Docusnap enables us to create a systematic and up-to-date IT documentation.”
 Gobst Lothar | Head of IT | Berufsförderungswerk Frankfurt am Main e.V.
Berufsförderungswerk Frankfurt am Main e.V.
“Before, we struggled with many different tools to create our technical documentation. There were always problems to convert the various output data into a consistent format. The introduction of Docusnap greatly simplified the technical documentation process for our network and significantly reduced the time required for it. Our experience with the support team of itelio GmbH has been very positive. They helped us quickly and showed great expertise. This deserves high praise from our part.”
 Manfred Lebien | IT Administration | Bildungswerk Bayern e.V.
“With Docusnap, little effort is necessary to determine the actual state in customer networks.”
 Dr. Bernd Belzer | BÜRO MAYER GmbH & Co. KG
“Docusnap is a universal tool in the true sense of the meaning. It provides an overview of our entire infrastructure.”
 M. Prieß | Head of IT | C. Grossmann Stahlguss GmbH
“Docusnap provides a clear documentation of our data centre.”
 Claus Koppert | Head of Technical Group | Caritasverband der Erzdiözese für München und Freising e.V.
“Docusnap allows us to quickly inventory our customers’ networks. Particularly as regards licence management, Docusnap supplies important auditable information.”
 Michael Schill | CTO | Comformatik AG
Comformatik AG
“Docusnap supplies important information on permissions.”
 Nzakizabandi Boniface | Head of IT | Conenergy AG
Conenergy AG
“The network information supplied by Docusnap is always up-to-date. The network can be checked for installed installations at any time.”
 Meier Friedel | Head of IT | conform GmbH
conform GmbH
“I opted for Docusnap because it quickly and accurately creates the entire network documentation including security data, and also – and this is particularly important for us – the permission analysis.”
 M. Hermann | Head of IT | Creditreform Hamburg von der Decken & Wall KG
“Docusnap presents the data required for our comprehensive IT documentation instantly in a graphical format.”
 Rainer Porzel | CIO | dennree Gruppe
“The automatic inventory scans, combined with documentation and analysis features, make Docusnap a real multi-purpose application.”
 Heiko Kröger | IT Technician | Deutsche Telekom Technischer Service GmbH, Niederlassung Nordwest
“Docusnap is an easy-to-use software application that greatly facilitates the daily routine of IT operations – a big relief. The support is outstanding – no question remains unanswered.”
 Michael Rennert | CIO | Diakonisches Werk Bethanien e.V.
Diakonisches Werk Bethanien e.V.
“Complex IT relations and dependencies can be documented and visualised. This way, the system administrator quickly obtains an overview of his network.”
 Michael Schlering/Stefan Pieper | Managing Director | distex GmbH
distex GmbH
“Docusnap is an excellent tool for retrieving basic system data. Information is collected in a quick, easy, and straightforward manner.”
 Kortendiek Ulrich | System Administrator | Dr. Netik & Partner GmbH
Dr. Netik & Partner GmbH
“Docusnap supplies a clear picture of the infrastructure and important information on permissions.”
 Blug Hans-Peter | Member of IT Staff | DRK gem. Krankenhausgesellschaft mbH Saarland
DRK gem. Krankenhausgesellschaft mbH Saarland
“The well-arranged data layout and the fact that it relieves me of many chores made me go for Docusnap.”
 Thomas Trautner | Managing Director | Durasys GmbH
“We use Docusnap to obtain a clear visualisation of our customers’ networks.”
 Stöbe Jens | Managing Director | Eckert Bürotechnik GbR
Eckert Bürotechnik GbR
“Docusnap convinced us with its excellent price/performance ratio. We are also impressed by its functionality mix.”
 Fabrizio Fischer | Managing Director | Edeka Handelsgesellschaft Südbayern mbH
“Docusnap provides an all-in-one solution with a consistent user interface, is compact in size and covers all IT topics. Docusnap is extremely helpful for creating documentation.”
 Head of IT | Elektrizitätswerke Reutte AG
“Our intensive software research revealed that Docusnap is best in class. ”
 Kerber Michael | IT Administrator | Emil Färber GmbH & Co. KG
Emil Färber GmbH & Co. KG
“Docusnap is perfectly suited for creating automatic inventories and for visualizing the network structure.”
 Ralf Stein | System Administrator | Energie – und Wassserversorgung Rheine GmbH
“The License Management module makes it easy to review the expected/actual comparison of installed licences and allows us to assign licence agreements, sales contracts, and invoices to the corresponding installation.”
 Axel Starflinger | IT Administrator | FCS Frimo Control Systems GmbH
“Docusnap is ideally suited to document and visualise the server and client landscape.”
 Kaltenbach Harald Nader | Systems Architect | Flughafen München GmbH
Flughafen München GmbH
“Docusnap facilitates the administrative work in our customer networks.”
 Michael Feitag | Technical-Support-Services | Freitag IT GmbH & Co. KG
Freitag IT GmbH & Co. KG
“Docusnap does an excellent job in supporting us when inventorying our new customers’ sites and supplies a clear and transparent IT documentation.”
 Fröschke Michael | IT Department | G&S Group
G&S Group
“Docusnap is dead on target with its functionality. In particular with its license management feature, Docusnap is a real asset for us.”
 Christian Köhler | Head of IT | GfE Gesellschaft für angewandte Elektronik mbH
“Docusnap inventories our network in no time and is thus able to automatically retrieve the actual license inventory.”
 Lange Andreas | IT Administrator | GICON
“Docusnap impresses with easy handling and a superb range of features. And a special highlight: Docusnap operates without agents.”
 Lutzenberger Daniel | IT Project Lead | GQ Systems GmbH
“Controlling / Administering / Reviewing / Automating.”
 Wolfgang Feindt | Head of IT | H. Kleinknecht & Co. GmbH
H. Kleinknecht & Co. GmbH
“Enables a clear documentation of the network and is an excellent tool to retrieve the permissions of each user.”
 Christian Gebele | Computing Consultant | Handwerkskammer Niederbayern
“We mainly use Docusnap to map our internal infrastructure, but Docusnap also helps us with analysing the actual state of things for new customers. The information we obtain is presented in a clear manner.”
 Bächler Frank | IT Department | HONACO Informationstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG
“Docusnap is an excellent software in the conduct of audits and the analysis of permissions.”
 Michael Hochenrieder | CEO | HvS Consulting
“Thanks to the IT Relations module, we were able to visualise in an easy and transparent way how individual systems in complex environments relate to each other.”
 Marcus Band | IT Services / BPM Director | IBC SOLAR AG
“Docusnap is a user-friendly, intuitive software.”
 Rene Gabor | System Administrator | Industrial Computer Source (Deutschland) GmbH
“Docusnap is a global solution to inventory and visualise the network structure.”
 Michael Schön | IT Team Leader | inGenics AG
inGenics AG
“Docusnap enables a fast and accurate inventory of the network components.”
 Willi Reimann | Head of Computing Department | Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln Facility GmbH
Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln Facility GmbH
“We mainly use Docusnap to map our infrastructure, but this software also provides clearly arranged license management information.”
 Uwe Suhl | System Administrator | INTERSCHALT maritime systems AG
“Why I opted for Docusnap:
o It is intuitive and user-friendly
o Comprehensive documentation including MS Visio support
o Supports Access and SQL Server
o All relevant network information can be visualized
o Documentation versioning capabilities
I especially appreciate that Docusnap displays everything in a comprehensive, clear, and well-structured manner.”
Siegfried Rollenhagen | Managing Director | IT-worX
“We primarily use Docusnap for an overview of our licences.”
 IT Department | IVZ im Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
“Enormous relief of documenting customer networks.”
 Birgit Giefing | Corporate Management | JT-Computer
“Docusnap builds a comfortable bridge between contingency management and inventory. It goes without saying that we are also pleased to benefit from the additional modules offered by the software, such as Licence Management. Pricing is transparent and fair.”
 Martin Wagner | Head of Department for IT Operation | KALORIMETA AG & Co. KG
“Docusnap helps us obtain an excellent overview of the hardware landscape and enables the visualisation of the permissions structure.”
 Hauke Döring | System Administrator | Kao Chemicals GmbH
“Docusnap enables central network monitoring.”
 Bohn Oliver | Computing Department | Kemmer Hartmetallwerkzeuge GmbH – Verwaltung und Vertrieb
Kemmer Hartmetallwerkzeuge GmbH - Verwaltung und Vertrieb
“Docusnap visualises IT relations transparently. ”
 Weinzierl Christian | System Administrator | KLANN Packaging GmbH & Co. KG
KLANN Packaging GmbH & Co. KG
“Docusnap clearly visualises the infrastructure in no time.”
 Martin Teufel | Head of Computing Department | Klocke Pharma-Service GmbH
“Docusnap allows timed creation of system documentation which, in turn, is embedded in the contingency plans using scheduled jobs.”
 IT Department | Kreissparkasse Nordhorn
Kreissparkasse Nordhorn
“Docusnap significantly alleviates the tasks of each administrator. The software provides a detailed permissions overview.”
 Sauels Andre | Head of IT | Lebenshilfe Werkstätten Oberhausen GmbH
Lebenshilfe Werkstätten Oberhausen GmbH
“Docusnap quickly supplies a clear network documentation.”
 Thorsten Schippmann | IT Department | Luxport S. A.
“Docusnap provides excellent support in all areas of system management and documentation.”
 Helmut Berger | Head of IT | Max Aicher GmbH & Co. KG
“With Docusnap, we are able to create standardized inventory processes and visualise our central licence management.”
 Prohm Thorsten | External project lead with N24 | N24 – Gesellschaft für Nachrichten und Zeitgeschehen mbH
N24 - Gesellschaft für Nachrichten und Zeitgeschehen mbH
“With Docusnap, hardware and software inventories can be scanned quickly and easily. It is a helpful tool for every administrator.”
 Wlock Torsten | Head of IT | Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg e.V.
“Docusnap is very useful for capturing the actual state of new customers’ networks.”
 Jürgen Selz | IT Department | netsys Computer & Netzwerktechnik GmbH
netsys Computer & Netzwerktechnik GmbH
“We opted for Docusnap because we get value for money.”
 Dengl Josef | Head of IT | NetWork Partners – IT Service und Consulting GmbH
“With Docusnap, itelio provides a professional tool that saves us time and creates added value for our customers.”
 Carsten Breitbarth | Corporate Management | next.motion OHG
“Docusnap facilitates our administrative tasks, especially when audits are imminent.”
 IT Department | OLT Express
“Docusnap is more powerful than you would think. It covers the complete set of SAM requirements (Microsoft Software Asset Management).”
 Pascal Schuss | CIO | Robert Maurer GmbH
Robert Maurer GmbH
“Rosenberger opted for Docusnap because itelio was able to perfectly meet all requirements of our functional specification for an IT documentation system, always responded very flexibly, speedily, and competently to our individual wishes and we think that the price/performance ratio is adequate.”
 Greiler Albert | Head of IT Planning | Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. KG
“Docusnap makes it possible to quickly capture the actual state existing with a new customer. What is more, Docusnap features a variety of functions and is useful when preparing for audits.”
 Wichmann Mirco | IT Professional | SaveProducts Systemtechnik
SaveProducts Systemtechnik
“The easy handling of Docusnap as well as the quick analysis of the current network status led to the purchase of Docusnap.”
 Richard Doff | Administrator | schattdecor AG

schattdecor AG

“Nothing compares to Docusnap on the market.”
 Liersch Thoralf | System Administrator | Schwarzmeer und Ostsee Versicherungs AG
“Docusnap is a well-engineered all-in-one solution to create an automated network documentation for our customers and a constant companion of our support team.”
 Nils Faust | Technical Team Lead | SCT GmbH
“Comprehensive graphics and reports support us with evaluating our licence stock.”
 Seiter Nicolai | Deputy Head of Computing and IT Organisation Department | Securiton GmbH – Alarm – und Sicherheitssysteme
Securiton GmbH - Alarm - und Sicherheitssysteme
“The efficiency of Docusnap has convinced us. What is more, the software is extremely helpful for revisions.”
 Marino Paschini | Head of IT | SN Energie AG
“Docusnap enables us to create a comprehensive and seamless documentation of the global network structure and provides a high-quality graphical evaluation.”
 Rainer Sollinger | Head of Computing Division | Staatliche Feuerwehrschule Geretsried
“Docusnap is appealing through its diversity and it is perfectly suited for analyses of customer networks.”
 Martin Heidel | Head of IT | Staupendahl & Partner Bauplanungsgesellschaft mbH
“The creation and on-going maintenance of our IT documentation would not be possible at a reasonable effort without Docusnap.”
 Tilo Bieber | Head of IT Organisation | Studentenwerk Heidelberg
Studentenwerk Heidelberg
“Docusnap facilitates our administrative tasks, especially when audits are imminent.”
 Robert Göbel | System Administrator | Sunny Cars GmbH
“Docusnap offers a variety of options and stands out by its ease of use.”
 Schesny Martin | IT Department | Systrade GmbH
“A quick overview of our infrastructure which can be stored for further use.”
 Martin Spatz | IT Systems and Infrastructure Management | Technische Werke Ludwigshafen AG
Technische Werke Ludwigshafen AG
“Straightforward inventory of customer networks. We will recommend Docusnap on all accounts.”
 Thomas Grünewälder | Managing Director | TG-Solutions GmbH
“Docusnap is very useful for creating SAM analyses.”
 Herr Leonhardt | Head of Technical Department | Thomas Maier IT-Systeme
Thomas Maier IT-Systeme
“Docusnap helps us with handling infrastructure information. This software plays an important role in our IT management.”
 Volmer Thomas | IT Manager | Tropical Island Management GmbH
Tropical Island Management GmbH
“In our company, Docusnap is mainly used to monitor our customer maintenance contracts, it provides us with the required overview of the share permissions and assists us with upcoming system extensions.”
 Krümmer Pascal | IT Systems Engineer | VISIONICE GmbH
“With Docusnap, the range of features, the usability, and the price/performance ratio go well together.”
 Uwe Stritzke | Head of IT Service Center | Vulkan Hackforth Holding GmbH & Co KG
“Docusnap features a very straightforward way of documenting the network and allows us to monitor the existing permissions. Friendly, competent, and speedy support.”
 Frank Willms | Wasser- und Schifffahrtsdirektion Nordwest
Wasser- und Schifffahrtsdirektion Nordwest
“In a clearly structured way, Docusnap provides a quick, current, and straightforward overview of the entire IT landscape.”
 Thomas Hofbauer | Head of IT Management | WEKO Wohnen GmbH
WEKO Wohnen GmbH
“Docusnap offers an easy way to document the network. The comprehensive reports qualify for submission to auditors.”
 Jaschke Michael | Network Management | WERTGARANTIE Technische Versicherung AG
WERTGARANTIE Technische Versicherung AG
“Docusnap stands out by ease of use and a well-conceived programme structure. A large range of features covers all areas of our IT environment.”
 Sester Daniel | Consultant | WILO SE
“Docusnap features a consistent solution for visualising the IT infrastructure, especially as regards permissions.”
 Tenten Michael | Head of IT | wpd AG

“Clear structures, automatic processing, integration into existing context/application environment possible.”
 Benjamin Meier | Head of Application Development | BS Ausgleichskasse des Kantons Bern
“What I like most about Docusnap is the way it collects information. A wealth of data is quickly available in a central software system.”
 Hutzli Gabriel | Head of Computing | Heimstätte Bärau
“As professional IT documentation is a decisive factor for our customers, we rely on Docusnap from itelio.”
 Stocker Patrick | Service Manager / Head of Support Services | Hirt Informatik AG
Hirt Informatik AG
“Docusnap enables automated inventories and efficient document creation.”
 Schneider Beat | Head of IT | M+S Industrielle Automation AG
M+S Industrielle Automation AG
“Docusnap makes it possible to quickly capture the network components and clearly represents them in Visio format.”
 Zemp Rico | IT Department | Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des Vierwaldstättersees (SGV) AG
Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des Vierwaldstättersees (SGV) AG
“A big advantage of the Docusnap 5.10 software are the quick network scans and, in particular, the Permission Analysis module.”
 Urs Spirig | Corporate Management | Spirig Computer AG