Microsoft Access Migration Tool

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In Docusnap 6.2 the Microsoft Access database format is no longer supported. The Microsoft Access migration tool provides the possibility to convert the Microsoft Access database of version 6.1 to SQL Server or LocalDB format of version 6.2.

The existing SQL Server or SQL Server Express databases of version 6.1 will be migrated automatically when you first start.



  • Install Docusnap 6.2
  • Create a backup of your old Microsoft Access database
  • Download the Microsoft Access Migration Tool
  • In Microsoft Acces Migration Tool, choose the old Microsoft Access database as a source and a name for the new destination database
  • Start the migration
  • Start Docusnap 6.2 and choose at the start the configuration of the newly created database

For questions or problems regarding the migration, we are happy to assist you.

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