Release Notes - Docusnap 11

Version 11.0.363.20324 – Release Date 19.11.2020

  • Enhanced functions
    • Optimization and bugfixing of the physics module
    • Optimization and bugfixing of IT concepts and concept templates
    • Optimization and bugfixing of the framework editor
  • New scanning technologies
    • Exchange Online Inventory - initial bugfixing performed
  • Enhanced scanning technologies
    • SNMP Scan - special cases that lead to multiple entries are now taken into account
  • Enhanced reports
    • Zero Logon (event description extended)

Version 11 - Release Date 07.11.2020

GUI | Completely new development of the user interface (top features):

  • new dashboard - evaluation of the data actuality (of a single tenant) at a glance
  • individualization of your user interface
  • copy & paste is implemented for all data areas
  • all reports have been revised, described and are now more comfortable to find


New wizards

  • maintain database wizard - simply remove data which is no longer required from your database
  • license information wizard - easy organization of your Docusnap licenses


Improved functionality

  • simplified and improved automatic site assignments of systems
  • wizard user administration - extended authorization assignment
  • report management wizard - investigate default reports and integrate your own reports


New scanning technologies

  • Exchange Online Inventory


Improved scanning technologies

  • Windows inventory - the data to be retrieved can now be configured
  • SNMP scan - serial numbers of SNMP devices and sub-components are detect


New reports and analysis options

  • Exchange Online readiness check
  • cabling overview for selected elements
  • cabling overview for selected locations
  • topology map for selected systems and switches
  • new development - VLAN overview
  • currency of your data of all scan technologies
  • AD DS security - Zerologon - DC check
  • AD DS security - Zerologon - Event Check


Improved reports

  • VMware storage systems
  • VMware virtual Machine
  • VMware guest systems detailed


Help and support

  • optional extensive demo tenant (available with database creation)