Release Notes - Docusnap 11

Version 11.0.963.21085 – Release Date 26.03.2021

Improved scanning technologies

  • Known Exchange Online issues have been resolved with a new authentication method
  • Active Directory Scan, the msDS-GroupManagedServiceAccount class is now inventoried
  • DocusnapScript - scan results are optionally named and saved without system reference

Improved documentation

  • Output overviews and data sheets in Excel format now formatted or simple

Fixed problems

  • Save problems in the user administration are now fixed
  • Licensing problems caused by the "Maintain dataset" function are fixed
  • When the Docusnap display mode is changed, the Windows taskbar is displayed correctly
  • Connection information in the SQL Server Scan Wizard can now be used correctly
  • Bugs in the Docusnap Web display and latency issues have been resolved where possible
  • Customizing: the incorrect MouseOver display of ShowCopyButton has been fixed
  • Customizing: the icon filter field now displays the expected icon
  • Scans (including DHCP, DNS, Exchange) report "file could not be found", problem solved
  • ADS reconciliation now removes all relevant systems
  • Output problems with user and directory reports have been fixed
  • The back and front of a rack is now displayed correctly
  • Linked HTML overview (index.html) documents on network drives now work
  • The report "occupied IPv4 addresses" now shows all IP and MAC addresses correctly
  • Performance problems of the report "AD changes" are fixed
  • The difficulties reported with IT concepts when using documents in landscape format are fixed
  • IT concepts created in Word format now have the correct formatting
  • Performance, import and export problems of IT concepts have been eliminated where possible

Version 11.0.778.21047 – Release Date 16.02.2021

Realized customer requests (

  • New detection of certificates with private keys from Windows systems
  • System reports and datasheets have been extended with certificate information
  • New reports For 'Certificates expiring soon' and 'Certificates which were expired'
  • A certificate overview optimized for Excel has been created
  • Revised message definition informs about expired certificates
  • Certificate information can be transferred to third party programs via Docusnap Connect
  • Wizard 'Maintain data inventory' all inventories are now taken into account
  • Active Directory Service - new report 'Groups without members'
  • The interface with minimal buttons now provides descriptive texts using mouse-over
  • The SNMP V3 wizard has been extended by convenience functions
  • Permission roles of the Docusnap user management are now duplicable
  • CSV import has been extended with meaningful fields, previously only ID values were accepted
  • Manual systems have been removed from inappropriate reports
  • A new report for 'manual systems' has been created instead


Summary of the implemented fixes

  • Docusnap Connect - Output of empty columns is working
  • Docusnap Connect - Exchange distribution groups are displayed with its members
  • Docusnap Connect - additional enhancements have been made
  • several customizing problems were fixed
  • ADS synchronization - persistence errors no longer occur
  • Docusnap Server - occasional stability problems have been fixed
  • Docusnap Web - several display problems were fixed
  • Docusnap Scan Wizard - editing and saving jobs has been reworked
  • IP Scan - all entered IP ranges are now included in the scan
  • SNMP Scan - the filter function of the SNMP V3 wizard has been improved
  • SNMP Scan - the scan has been upgraded to take into account vendor specific features
  • Topology and VLAN maps - vendor specific display problems have been fixed
  • Windows Scan - the Docusnap system in itself is inventoriable
  • Other assets - known display and output problems have been fixed
  • Concepts - reported import,export and backup issues have been resolved
  • Concepts - performance issues have been resolved when possible
  • Concepts - reports inserted with Docusnap X are now rendered
  • Concepts - reported formatting and display issues have been fixed
  • Physics - assignment and display problems of racks were solved
  • Physics - creating and saving cable connections with correct color selection has been revised
  • Docusnap Discovery Service - known connection and update issues were fixed
  • DocusnapScript for Windows - reported problems with execution and script import were solved
  • Reports - assets users, DS permissions, VMware, SNMP and comparison report were reworked

Version 11.0.363.20324 – Release Date 19.11.2020

Enhanced functions

  • Optimization and bugfixing of the physics module
  • Optimization and bugfixing of IT concepts and concept templates
  • Optimization and bugfixing of the framework editor


New scanning technologies

  • Exchange Online Inventory - initial bugfixing performed


Enhanced scanning technologies

  • SNMP Scan - special cases that lead to multiple entries are now taken into account


Enhanced reports

  • Zero Logon (event description extended)

Version 11 - Release Date 07.11.2020

GUI | Completely new development of the user interface (top features):

  • new dashboard - evaluation of the data actuality (of a single tenant) at a glance
  • individualization of your user interface
  • copy & paste is implemented for all data areas
  • all reports have been revised, described and are now more comfortable to find


New wizards

  • maintain database wizard - simply remove data which is no longer required from your database
  • license information wizard - easy organization of your Docusnap licenses


Improved functionality

  • simplified and improved automatic site assignments of systems
  • wizard user administration - extended authorization assignment
  • report management wizard - investigate default reports and integrate your own reports


New scanning technologies

  • Exchange Online Inventory


Improved scanning technologies

  • Windows inventory - the data to be retrieved can now be configured
  • SNMP scan - serial numbers of SNMP devices and sub-components are detect


New reports and analysis options

  • Exchange Online readiness check
  • cabling overview for selected elements
  • cabling overview for selected locations
  • topology map for selected systems and switches
  • new development - VLAN overview
  • currency of your data of all scan technologies
  • AD DS security - Zerologon - DC check
  • AD DS security - Zerologon - Event Check


Improved reports

  • VMware storage systems
  • VMware virtual Machine
  • VMware guest systems detailed


Help and support

  • optional extensive demo tenant (available with database creation)