Docusnap Version History

Version 11.0

Inventory of Exchange Online

Support for Zerologon gaps

Improved scanning technologies

New wizards, extension of the user administration

Version X

Docusnap Discovery Service

- decentralized data acquisition at the respective location (via scan satellite)

- Encrypted and automatic transfer to central Docusnap database

Extensive demo database included - quick evaluation of Docusnap functions

Web access to database via integrated Docusnap web server

Representation of the dependencies of business processes, IT services and IT systems

New, consistent mapping of the physical infrastructure down to port level (locations, racks, patch panels, network sockets, clients)

Optional mapping of communication paths and data connections

Inventory of

- HP-UX Systems

- Storage environments

- Cloud services (Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure)

- Capture IGEL thin clients via USM database or Linux script

- BitLocker status of Windows systems

IP Scanner - Advanced inventory of IP systems (scan date, manufacturer, detected operating system)

Hierarchical location assignments of systems with corresponding plans and reports

Docusnap Connect v2 - advanced data export interface/data transfer

New Docusnap job management with extensive customization options

n:m assignment of additional information

- A (service) contract can be assigned to several systems.

- Several (service) contracts can be assigned to one system.

Improved topology / realistic VLAN display

Windows Inventory - optional execution of additional programs on the target system

Prefabricated DSGVO reports

Version 6.3

Inventory of Veeam

Improved License Management

Creation of maps without Microsoft Visio

Version 6.2

New User Interface

Inventory of

    Backup Exec

    ORACLE databases

    VLAN configurations

    DFS Roots for Windows Server

Improved Analysis Functions

Rule-based Detection of Dependencies

64 Bit Support

Version 6.1

Interfaces DocusnapConnect and DocusnapLink

Inventarisation of Citrix XenServer

Permission Analysis in Microsoft Exchange environments

New improved user surface for IT concepts

Version 6.0

Creation of IT concepts

Documentation of

    Microsoft SharePoint 2007, 2010

    Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

    Microsoft Hyper-V

Permission Analysis module

    Microsoft SharePoint Integration

    Graphical representation of the permission origin

Inventory of the physical network topology

Visualization of the physical network topology (wiring plan, etc.)

SNMP inventory based on individual third-party MIBs

Graphical representation of AD sites including replication information

SNMP V3 support

ER diagrams for Microsoft SQL Server databases

Customization of documents and reports to match the corporate design


IT documentation (display of generated documents)

Version 5.1

IT Relations module

Scheduled reporting

Visualization of group nesting structures (AD)

Permission Analysis module

    New matrix display

    Display of basic permissions and special permissions

    Permissions report from the “User” resource perspective

    Permissions report from the “Directory” resource perspective

Version 5.0

Complete re-development of Docusnap


    VMware infrastructures

    Microsoft SQL Server 2008

    Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

    Macintosh Systems

Manual creation of Windows, Linux, Macintosh systems

Generic inventory of the Active Directory (schema extensions)

New graphics engine for plan generation

New report generator including Report Designer

Generic organization of the different hierarchies based on objects (Data Explorer, License Management)

Additional information (extensions) for all objects






Customizing module for the customization of Docusnap

    Database extensions

    Extending and modifying hierarchies

    Creation of individual data entry screens

Docusnap Server as the central automation component

Dedicated, file-based software search for Windows systems

Introduction of snapshots

Database import

Version 4.1

Time-controlled inventory process

Scanning DHCP servers

License Management module

Documentation of Linux systems

Securing the access to Docusnap based on users and roles

Automatic program updates via the Docusnap Updater

Database export

AD synchronization

FaciPlan interface (facility management software from FaciWare)

Version 4.0


Inventory of NTFS permissions

Permission Analysis module

    Analysis of the effective permissions for users and groups


Documentation of active network components (SNMP systems) such as routers, printers, switches,…

Inventory of:

    Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

    Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2003, 2005

Version 3.2

Documentation of AD site and subnet information

Documentation of DNS servers

Integration of Crystal Reports for report generation

Version 3.1

Documentation of Active Directory OU structures and their contents

Documentation of Active Directory users and groups

GUI extensions

Version 3.0

Database support for persistent storage of data and information

Minimum GUI with Data Explorer

Visio integration for the visualization of network overviews

Version 2.0

Windows system data sheets using Microsoft Word

Summary of Windows systems using Microsoft Excel

Minimum GUI

Version 1.0
Internal use

Script-based information retrieval from individual Windows systems