What's New in Docusnap?

Docusnap is constantly improved and optimized by our experts. We don’t want you to miss any news about Docusnap.


- SMB connections per system
- Active Directory Inventory via script
- Inventory of RDP configurations
- Site specific VLAN maps
- Total systems overview
- Inventory of user profiles
- Revision of the CSV import
- Inventory of system and configuration data of DDS host systems
- DocusnapScript supports file search
- Warnings for incomplete Windows scans
- and many other improvements and new features

- New Software and File Search
- Warnings for incomplete Linux Inventories
- Information for Group Managed Service Accounts
- New NTFS User and Directory Reports
- Fundamental revision of the License Calculator


Docusnap 11 Service Pack 1
- Completely new Enterprise Search
- Define own SNMP types and icons
- Global Script Import
- Redesign of the customizing area
- Additional tools Telnet/SSH
- Inventory .NET Framework and PowerShell versions
- New standard reports
- Global date format US

- Windows 11 hardware test
- Improved Linux inventory
- Physical Infrastructure Editor
- Realized customer suggestions from the Docusnap Ideas Portal
- Various general problem solutions

- Exchange Online: new inventory wizard and new reports
- Linux inventory via SSH key has been extended by several variants
- NTFS analysis detects manipulated inheritances
- Installation date of software products is included
- Various general problem solutions

- New inventory of certificates with private keys from Windows systems
- Implementation of several feature suggestions from the new Docusnap Ideas Portal
- Various general bug fixes


Docusnap 11 Release

- Experience our simplest Docusnap
- Exchange Online with Docusnap 11

- Support for Zerologon gaps

- Improved scanning technologies

- New wizards, extension of the user administration and much more

- Improvements for Exchange Inventory (Dynamic Distribution Groups)
- Customization of the GUI (unification of the filter functions)
- Adjustments in the documentation area (filter functions)
- Adjustments in the area of IT security
- Various general problem solutions


– Docusnap Connect in the Data Explorer
– Extension of the ADS computer account data
– New Scan Module Amazon Web Services (AWS)
– Improvements to physical infrastructure
– Improved visualization of Topology and VLAN Plans
– Best Practice Extensions

– Physical Infrastructure
– Linux Scan
– General Improvements
– Support Materials

– Simplified navigation
– Report Designer improvements
– VLAN and SNMP improvements
– New SNMP HowTo

Physical Infrastructure Documentation:
– Complete Representation of the Physical Infrastructure
– Powerful import function
– Impressive visualizations
– Seamless integration
– How Tos and E-Learning


– Inventory of Microsoft Office 365
– Inventory of Microsoft Azure Web Apps
– Extended inventory of IP systems (IP Scanner)
– Docusnap Discovery Service (DDS)
– Inventories in the background
– Optional inventory of connection information
– Recursive listing of topology
– Revised job administration
– Changes in the user interface

– Running external tools on the scanned target system
– Architecture enhancements
– New TANSS Connect package v2
– More efficient representation of the network topology map
– Docusnap Web no longer requires IIS

– Inventorying IGEL Thin Clients via Docusnap Script for Linux
– Report: “Not current inventories older than 3 months”
– Inventorying the BitLocker Status
– Report: “BitLocker” or “BitLocker Excel”

– Azure Cloud Inventory
– Other technical Innovations


– Overview New Reports
– Docusnap – IT Concept
– Docusnap Connect
– Docusnap Server
– Other Technical Innovations
– IPv6 Information in the User Interface and in Reports
– Resilient File System (ReFS)

– Generating Directory Reports through CSV Imports
– New HowTo Documents in the Knowledge Base

– New report “shares Windows system”

– SNMP Types

– How to Specify Additional Information and Attachments
– How to Select a Snapshot and Create a Comparison Report in Docusnap Web
– How to Use Filters in IT Concepts
– ADS Computers – New Meta Object in the Tree Structure


– The “Golden System” Report
– Report: Orphaned ACL Entries

– TANSS Interface
– New Features in Map Visualization
– Docusnap Protocol
– Calling Docusnap Web Using an ONC Path
– New Option for Windows Inventories – Update selected systems
– ADS Synchronization – Remove Disabled Computer Accounts