What's New in Docusnap?

Docusnap is constantly improved and optimized by our experts. We don’t want you to miss any news about Docusnap.


– Azure Cloud Inventory
– Other technical Innovations


– Overview New Reports
– Docusnap – IT Concept
– Docusnap Connect
– Docusnap Server
– Other Technical Innovations
– IPv6 Information in the User Interface and in Reports
– Resilient File System (ReFS)

– Generating Directory Reports through CSV Imports
– New HowTo Documents in the Knowledge Base

– New report “shares Windows system”

– SNMP Types

– How to Specify Additional Information and Attachments
– How to Select a Snapshot and Create a Comparison Report in Docusnap Web
– How to Use Filters in IT Concepts
– ADS Computers – New Meta Object in the Tree Structure


– The “Golden System” Report
– Report: Orphaned ACL Entries

– TANSS Interface
– New Features in Map Visualization
– Docusnap Protocol
– Calling Docusnap Web Using an ONC Path
– New Option for Windows Inventories – Update selected systems
– ADS Synchronization – Remove Disabled Computer Accounts