What's New - 2017 July


This What’s New entry deals with the topic of SNMP types. There is often the problem that SNMP systems are assigned to the “General” category although they actually are switches, routers, printers, etc. By following these easy steps, the filter criteria for SNMP types can be extended so that they are assigned to the correct category.


After the SNMP inventory, six devices were successfully added to the database. Four of the six devices could not, however, be assigned to any category. In this case, two W&T printers and two switches are concerned.


SNMP systems are assigned to the correct category based on their description. Using the SNMP types tab in the Docusnap Administration under Inventory, more search words can be defined. Now, the value in the Description column and the defined search words are compared. Afterwards, the SNMP devices are assigned to the corresponding category.


Using the New button, you can define a new search word. If you put a % character before and after the search term, it is no longer necessary to insert the complete description for every SNMP system. Using wildcards (% character), the remaining words in the description are replaced and the focus can be put on short, clear terms (e.g. Cisco).

Afterwards, you need to define the SNMP type, i.e. whether a switch, printer, etc. is concerned.

In this example, the SNMP type %GS108% – Switch was created for the two switches and the SNMP type %W&T% – Netzwerk USB for the two W&T USB servers.

The Docusnap Administration can be closed. To update the tree, you just need to close the tree and re-open it.

The SNMP systems were assigned to the correct category and the “General” category was deleted.