What's New - 2018 June

Running external tools on the scanned target system

It is now possible to collect additional information during inventory scans. For this purpose, external programs can be run on the scanned target system – such as a PowerShell command to initiate a WMI query. Benefit from the Get command!

Architecture enhancements

The distinction between 32-bit and 64-bit Docusnap is a thing of the past. What is more, we improved the communication between the Docusnap Discovery Services and Docusnap Server and provided a new option that limits the number of parallel pings during Linux and Mac scans. Speed up!

New TANSS Connect package v2

For our IT service providers and other users among our customers who benefit from the TANSS power solution for better IT service, we offer a revised Connect package v2 with even more information for your CMDB. Not using TANSS? No problem! Docusnap Connect provides added value – also for your solution landscape: try it!

More efficient representation of the network topology map

The much-loved, automated Docusnap network topology map is now even more efficient because it only visualizes those areas that you are actually viewing. As a result, there is no need to perform edits in Visio, saving you a lot of time!

Docusnap Web no longer requires IIS

The Internet Information Server, that was until now required to host the nicely designed Docusnap web client, has become obsolete. This does not affect existing installations. Docusnap Web can even be used to build your own automatic IT knowledge base! Click here to learn more about how to configure Docusnap Web!