What's New - 2018 March

Inventorying IGEL Thin Clients via Docusnap Script for Linux

Now, you have the additional option to inventory IGEL Thin Clients via Docusnap Script for Linux. This avoids affecting the proprietary IGEL management database and provides more detailed inventory data. The IGEL thin clients will therefore be treated as Linux systems.

Report: “Not current inventories older than 3 months”

To make sure that your documentation is always up-to-date, a new report retrieves and lists all obsolete inventories, allowing you to identify systems that might have reached their end of life or to spot inconsistencies.

Inventorying the BitLocker Status

Heads up! Docusnap is now able to inventory the BitLocker status of Windows systems and can find out whether there is a BitLocker encryption or an unknown status, e.g. if the data store can only be identified after logging on to the OS via WMI.

Report: “BitLocker” or “BitLocker Excel”

With Docusnap now being able to inventory the BitLocker status, we can offer you a new useful report, which also satisfies the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. You are free to select the Windows systems to be scanned. Enjoy your inventory activities and always keep your systems safe!