What's New - September 2018

Microsoft Office 365

Docusnap can now also inventory Microsoft Office 365 from the cloud. Information such as users, groups and licenses are collected and mapped in Docusnap. Further information can be found in the current Microsoft Office 365 Inventory HowTo.

Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure inventory has been extended. The Web Apps available in Azure are now also inventoried. There is no need to change the Azure Inventory settings or configurations. After installing the new Docusnap release and re-inventing Azure, the Web Apps are automatically inventoried.

IP Scanner

Docusnap has now also integrated an IP scanner functionality that extends the information for IP systems. In addition to the host name and the IP and Mac address, you can now also inventory the operating system, the manufacturer, the system family, the operating time, the last system start and the scan date.

Docusnap Discovery Service (DDS)

The Docusnap Discovery Services have received several helpful new features in this release. The installation of the Docusnap Discovery Services is now also possible unattended. In addition, we have implemented a command line interface (CLI), which you can use to configure and monitor the services conveniently. In this way you can, for example, also install and register the Discovery Services via your software distribution or corresponding scripts. If you want to create a large number of Docusnap Discovery Services, you no longer have to do this for each individual, but can create them all at once using a CSV file.

Detailed information about all new functions and their configuration can be found in the current HowTo Docusnap X Discovery Service – Installation und Configuration.

Inventories in the background

Interactively executed inventory jobs are now automatically moved to the background. Thus working in Docusnap during an inventory is still possible.

Optional inventory of connection information

Since Docusnap X, open connections on Windows, Linux and HP-UX systems are recorded via netstat during the inventory. The inventory of these open connections can now be deactivated.

Recursive listing of topology

Below a site, network, routing, topology and rack plans are available. Up to now, these plans have only taken into account the systems assigned to the selected site. From now on, you can optionally select for each of these plans whether the systems of the site are to be recursively resolved. This means that the sub-locations are also taken into account in the plans.

Revised job administration

The management of planned jobs in Docusnap X has been revised. In addition to performance improvements, you can now group entries, view job configuration data and check the status of an active job.

Changes in the user interface

The new release also introduces changes to the user interface. The controls for using script-based inventories have been grouped into a separate category. In addition, the IP Segments inventory wizard has been renamed to Windows (IP) to make it immediately visible that it is a Windows inventory via IP segments.