What's New - January 2019

Physical Infrastructure Documentation

The year starts for us with great anticipation, because we have completely reworked the physical infrastructure in Docusnap and extended it by many application areas! For you as a user, this update is an important step towards absolutely perfect IT documentation with as much automation as possible. Look forward to it:

Complete Representation of the Physical Infrastructure

Docusnap now makes it possible to trace exactly which system is connected from network socket to patch cable via switch to rack and how. You can do this in the proven depth of detail: Front and back of various elements are just as possible as power strips, UPSs and much more.

Powerful import function

We always want to automate everything for you - but we simply can't take some of the content off your hands yet. To make importing as easy as possible for you, we have created a sophisticated import wizard that allows you to map existing structures in Docusnap in no time at all.

Impressive visualizations

Present your physical infrastructure as it really looks: your own photos are possible as well as countless shapes for different connector, cable and element types - and with Docusnap's agent-free inventory you are able to complete everything else automatically!

Seamless integration

Cover all levels: Not only is it possible to easily record all inventoried systems in racks, rooms and locations - you can also link important content such as contracts, maintenance documents and other additional information directly to them.

How Tos and E-Learning

If you are already working with the existing physical infrastructure, we also offer a practical migration wizard to give you a quick insight. However, we strongly recommend all users to review our How Tos, which we update regularly.

We have also updated our popular E-Learning (only available in German) with the latest content - it's worth taking a look!

In the Release Notes you will find detailed information on further improvements that have been implemented on the basis of your suggestions. We look forward to your feedback and wish you lots of fun with the best Docusnap we can offer - and are of course always at your disposal!