What's New - March 2019

Simplified navigation

The Summary area in the inventory tree has been significantly improved. You can now easily evaluate subsets of your system landscape. For example, you can find all Windows 7 systems under the Operating Systems node. Docusnap now not only displays the host names of the systems, but also links the systems to the Summary and thus enables intuitive access to all required information.

Report Designer improvements

The functionality of the Report Designer integrated in Docusnap has been updated. The user guidance is now clearer and the performance has been significantly improved. It is also possible to reduce the storage space for images embedded in RTF.
You can find detailed information about the new functions of the Report Designer in the Update-Report.

VLAN and SNMP improvements

The March update also brought an improved visualization of the VLAN tags of ports, as well as a simpler overview of the inventoried speeds within the SNMP topology. These updates are additionally explained by a completely new HowTo SNMP - see for yourself!