What's New - February 2021

New certificate inventory

The first patch for the new Docusnap 11 brings a very helpful new function: The inventory of certificates with private keys from Windows systems.
The Windows inventory has been extended and now additionally records certificates. These are automatically output in the system reports and data sheets. In addition, we have added the reports "System Expiring Certificates" and "System Expired Certificates". And for those who want it even more comfortable, the revised define notifications functionality informs in time about soon expiring certificates.
Since this data is of course also interesting for other systems and further processing, we have also created a certificate overview optimised for Excel and the certificate information can also be transferred to third-party programmes via Docusnap Connect.

The new Docusnap Ideas Portal. Actively shape the future!

Realised customer suggestions from the Docusnap Ideas Portal

The certificate inventory is proof that the new Docusnap Ideas Portal (ideas.docusnap.com) works great. Here, Docusnap users can submit their feature requests and ideas, vote on other suggestions and discuss them.
In this way, even more customer requests have been incorporated into the new release:

  • Maintain Data Inventory Wizard - all inventories are now taken into account
  • Active Directory Service - new report "Groups without members"
  • The interface with reduced buttons shows with "Mouse-Over" a function description
  • Convenience functions have been added to the SNMP V3 wizard
  • Permission roles of the Docusnap user management are now copyable
  • Speaking fields have been added to the CSV import, previously only ID values were accepted
  • Manual systems have been removed from inappropriate reports
  • A new report for "Manual Systems" was created instead

The brand new Docusnap 11