What's New - July 2021

Exchange Online I

Since the Exchange Online inventory enjoys great popularity, we have extended the associated standard reports. Thus, you will now find the same structure and reports in the Microsoft Exchange Online section of the report tree in the domain that you already know from the OnPremises version.

Exchange Online II

The latest Docusnap version includes yet another improvement to Exchange Online Inventory: We have completely revised and simplified the Exchange Online Inventory Wizard. For example, the Azure Apps required for the Exchange Online inventory can now be created conveniently via a separate wizard in the administration area.

Extension of the Linux inventory with new openSSH keys

A small step for Docusnap, a big step for your IT security: Since RSA encryption is now a bit outdated, with the latest version of Docusnap it is now possible to use other encryption algorithms. These are:

  • ed25519 / aes256 -cbc (manufacturer recommendation)

Still supported for compatibility reasons:

  • ecdsa-sha2-nistp256
  • ecdsa-sha2-nistp384
  • ecdsa-sha2-nistp521
  • ssh-rsa

However, the existing ssh-rsa procedure will of course remain in place.
In Docusnap Administration, this point can now be found in the Inventory section under Private Key Management.

NTFS Permission Analysis - Detecting Special Cases of Inheritance

Access rights to directories can be manipulated in such a way that the inheritance of the set rights does not take effect. This special case is now also taken into account and the correct permissions are output.

Installation date of software products

Depending on the installation variant, the installation date of a software was not available in Docusnap until now. Now we take into account all variants and always include the installation date. In addition to detecting installed software, we also capture the Internet Explorer version of the system. However, this browser is a component of the operating system, which we display as a software product without an installation date for the sake of better evaluability.

Realised customer suggestions from the Docusnap Ideas Portal

It is really great to see that the Docusnap Ideas Portal (ideas.docusnap.com) is lived by the users and new, excellent suggestions are posted every day. Thus, in the latest Docusnap release, we were again able to incorporate some topics that were particularly "burning under the nails" of the community:

  • Important standard reports additionally show the respective scan date
  • VLAN names in the tree (VLAN overview) are additionally displayed
  • Active Directory is now consistently referred to as Active Directory Domain Service