What's New - September 2021

Windows 11 hardware test

We are all waiting for Windows 11, but are all systems really ready for it?
With the new Docusnap Windows 11 hardware check, this question can be answered quickly and easily.

Docusnap uses the Windows AD scan to check all systems for the following criteria:

  • Is there a 64-bit processor with at least 1 GHz and 2 cores?
  • Does the system have 4 GB of RAM and the C partition at least 64 GB?
  • Is UEFI Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 installed and enabled?
  • Is the graphics card resolution sufficient?

Based on these criteria, a short overview incl. test result is then output for each system.

Improved Linux inventory

But we have not only taken care of Windows systems, but also Linux systems.
We have greatly improved the parallel inventory of Linux systems. This has a noticeable effect on performance and speed.
In addition, the Private Key Assistant is now integrated into the Linux Wizard, which simplifies workflows.

Physical Infrastructure Editor

Editing element types in the Physical Infrastructure Editor has been made easier by allowing them to be imported and exported.

Realized customer suggestions from the Docusnap Ideas Portal

We really appreciate all the great suggestions on the Docusnap Ideas Portal (ideas.docusnap.com) and were able to implement a few of them directly again in this patch:

  • In job management, the "add to queue" control has been renamed
  • In the additional information financial documents, the data field payment was extended