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The documentation you can create in Docusnap includes maps of the network, the Active Directory, the Exchange servers, etc.

Maps can be created in native Visio format (.vsd) and in Visio XML format (.vdx). By default, the Visio XML (.vdx) format is created. In the Options dialog you can select whether the format (.vdx) should be suppressed and the native Visio format (.vsd) should be created instead. Only the format .vdx can be created automatically with the Docusnap Server. No maps with the format .vsd can be created via the Docusnap Server.

Microsoft Visio must be installed to enable Docusnap to create maps in .vsd format. For the .vdx format no Microsoft Visio installation is required.


If the creation of maps is schedule, the maps are newly generated each time to display the current data situation. For this reason, layout changes in the preview such as moving or deleting elements cannot be retained for scheduled maps. If Settings are defined via the checkboxes, they are applied to the scheduled execution as well.

Network Maps


Active Directory

Exchange Server

VMware Infrastructure


SQL Server

DHCP Server

Citrix Hypervisor


System Groups