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Docusnap Connect

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With Docusnap Connect, Docusnap users can prepare specific data in the Docusnap interface (hierarchical structure), reuse it (concepts) or export it for further use. You can either export the data to an SQL or MySQL database or save it as an XML, CSV or Excel file. Thus, Docusnap Connect partially replaces the creation of a user-defined view in the hierarchical structure. The views displayed in the hierarchical structure can also be used later within the Docusnap concepts.

Package Editor

Use the Package Editor to create and edit Connect Packages.

Hierarchical Structure

The content of the Connect Packages are also displayed in the hierarchical structure below the Connect caption. The data is filtered according to the company.

Schedule Package

Once you configured your packages, you can schedule their export. The data can either be exported immediately or at a later time using the Docusnap Server.

Import and Export

The packages you configured can be exported and then be imported to another Docusnap database.