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IT Network Transparency

September 30, 2020

Today, IT departments are faced with a whole host of different, extremely demanding tasks. Among other things IT must ensure smooth IT operations at all times. The huge challenge: almost all business-critical processes are supported by IT. To ensure that all business processes run smoothly, the infrastructures must be available at all times. A possible failure would be devastating for the entire company. Monetary damages, legal consequences and/or a considerable damage to the company’s image would be the consequence. In order to detect failures early and to react proactively, the IT environment must be under permanent observation. Because only errors that are known can be corrected. But how can IT ensure permanently smooth IT operations? In addition, the number of systems in a company is constantly growing and more and more applications are being used. Another problem: in most cases, the IT department still lacks an overview of the dependencies between the IT landscape and business processes.

The IT network at a glance at all times?

Keeping an eye on your own complex IT infrastructure is a mammoth task for an IT department. This task alone would be more than enough to keep an IT department in permanent employment and stress. But unfortunately, in reality, many special tasks such as preparation for audits etc. are added to this.
How should an IT department maintain an overview and understanding of the IT environment? This task can no longer be done manually, as the personnel effort involved is enormous and the up-to-dateness of the data can by no means be guaranteed. An enormous overload and frustration of the IT staff is the consequence.
Therefore the following requirements must be met: Among other things the data stock must be maintained automatically, since comprehensive transparency over the IT network, especially in complex IT environments, is only possible with a high degree of automation. Changes in the network must also be traceable and documented at all times. Correlations and dependencies between IT and business must be mapped, because this is the only way to detect problems and risks threatening the business at an early stage. In addition, an IT landscape can be understood best and also most quickly by using meaningful analyses and diagrams.

Comprehensive overview in the IT network – no problem with Docusnap

Docusnap offers the optimal solution for all these requirements. The software inventories IT infrastructures fully automatically and dynamically. The user receives detailed system information and overviews quickly and easily. Docusnap makes it possible to create a daily updated overview of the entire IT environment at any time. The automation makes it possible to take an inventory of the IT with a minimum of personnel effort. Using Docusnap, you can also completely map the relationships between operational processes and the IT components used. Docusnap can also be used to display and link IT services. In this way, you can always see what concrete effects changes or failures in IT have on business processes. With Docusnap you can quickly and easily analyze where risks and weaknesses are hidden in the support of your business processes.
Complex, constantly changing IT environments make it almost impossible to keep track of the authorizations assigned in the network. Docusnap’s authorization analysis provides you with a transparent list of authorizations at any time. At the push of a button, Docusnap provides you with daily updated reports on access rights within the network, shows you the effective authorizations with interactive analyses and, if required, their origin. This allows you to perform in-depth and comprehensive security analyses at any time and always have a comprehensive overview of the assigned authorizations.
An audit-proof and professional license management helps you to significantly reduce risks and costs. With Docusnap’s license management you can carry out analyses of the software products used. This way you always have an overview of which licenses are currently available in your company.
Based on its functions, Docusnap provides you with comprehensive transparency and a complete understanding of your IT landscape.