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Simply inventory workstation systems automatically

June 11, 2021

IT in the company lives and grows. Equipment is constantly changing and being replaced due to failure or aging. Or simply because the company is getting bigger and employs more and more people. More employees also means more IT.

The necessary workstation systems in the form of computers (PCs or notebooks) are often acquired at different times and made available to the user. However, this does not always involve a manual inventory. Especially when things have to be done quickly, this often results in gaps. Or there is still no record at all, except for the accounting entry.

The situation becomes more difficult when management requires information or an exact inventory with additional information such as age, operating system, patch status and installed software for annual budgeting. Many a company has therefore made it its business, even before the end of the year, to assign the IT department the project “annual inventory”.

Much effort with daily business

It is obvious that a lot of data is usually missing during manual recording or, of course, the error devil can strike. And that in turn means identifying inconsistencies when sifting through the data and eliminating ambiguities. This also means additional personnel and time expenditure and is one of the reasons why the inventory cannot be carried out constantly. The effort is simply too high during day-to-day business, and the result is not always error-free. Thus, in the worst case, the collected data is a year old and in no way reflects the current status.

If several locations are also involved, it becomes even more complicated to ensure accurate data collection.

There is an easier way

Those who use Docusnap have it a lot easier. Not only are all devices on the network automatically detected, inventoried and documented. It also automatically reads out a lot of additional information such as operating system, patch status, installed software and its versions, IP and Mac addresses and much more. This results in complete and, above all, up-to-date information on all workstations at all times.

Docusnap works here in the background on a server and reads out the information of the workstations without an installed agent (software on the PC/notebook/mobile device) and is also very resource-efficient during the scan. Thus, the active network scan is performed at regular intervals without affecting performance.

All collected information is kept up-to-date in an SQL database and can thus be retrieved at any time.

How easy it is to retrieve a complete overview with all additional information in Docusnap, we show you in our short video tutorial.

Docusnap is set up once on a server and can be customized to your environment. With our documentation software, a cleanly documented and inventoried IT infrastructure becomes child’s play; even if it is distributed across multiple locations. And they can answer any questions from supervisors, management or other departments about IT, networking and security without waiting and with reliable integrity. Even visual representations of networks and topologies are available virtually at the touch of a button. Good IT documentation is essential today, even for smaller networks.

With Docusnap, the days are gone when the IT admin had to laboriously crawl around under desks to identify and inventory workstation systems.