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Do you know the correlations between your IT and your business?

June 25, 2019

Nowadays, companies in every industry are enormously dependent on IT. Even a small incident in the IT network can have a huge impact on the business. It becomes problematic if it is not comprehensible how and to what extent the individual business processes are dependent on IT.
Let’s take the example of an ERP system: How long can it last for merchandise management? When must the data be available again? After five minutes or “only” after five hours? Which business processes are specifically affected? These are questions that must be answered immediately in an emergency. Or let’s think of a partial power failure in the data center. While this time “only” the website was paralyzed, the next time the entire company network, including production and logistics, could be affected – extremely business-critical processes.


Knowledge about the dependencies between business and IT is indispensable

Especially a growing IT infrastructure consists of complex dependencies, which are in constant change. In order to make the right decisions, the relationships between business processes, IT services and the IT systems used must be recorded, documented and analysed as precisely as possible. Only in this way can concrete weak points be identified, various measures developed and failures reduced.
Using Docusnap software, relationships between the IT components used and the operational processes can be mapped completely and clearly. IT services can also be displayed and linked using Docusnap. For a better understanding and overview, visualizations can be created in Docusnap – many of them are even already prefabricated in the software. For example, the communication paths provide you with a comprehensive overview of the network and data connections of an IT system.


That’s Docusnap:

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