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Docusnap – Replacement of activation technology

September 12, 2015

With the Docusnap version 6.3 we introduced an activation mechanism as we encountered an increasing amount of misuse of the license files that we provided until then. In order to obtain a technical and logistical solution for this issue, we agreed to a cooperation with a third party provider. Considering our high standards of quality and service that we expect from us, we have been discontent to witness recurring inadequacies in the activation mechanism by the third party supplier and therefore will replace the existing technology with our own solution on September 12th, 2015.

How does this affect the user?

We will provide a new patch for Docusnap on September 12th – all existing activation codes remain valid and hence no further step will be necessary.

Despite this, any offline activations will have to be repeated using the same procedure as before. In order to support a frictionless transition, the outdated technology will be available until the end of this year – nevertheless we highly recommend an immediate update.

Furthermore, we will provide additional management reports in the upcoming Docusnap patch, so make sure to update your installations.

You can either update to the newest release using the update functionality within Docusnap or download the software directly with the following link: