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IP Scan: Quick Network Inventory for IT Service Providers

October 14, 2019

As an IT service provider, you are probably familiar with the following scenario:
You come to a new customer and want to get an overview of the existing systems. Unfortunately, the IT environment is inadequately documented or not documented at all and the employees do not have exact information either.
Therefore an inventory has to be made first.

However, a complete and detailed network inventory is only possible with sufficiently privileged users. In many cases, it is not desirable to disclose this user data to service providers. Therefore, the inventor has neither root access to Linux systems nor administrative access to Windows systems.
Nevertheless, a first overview has to be produced quickly and without great effort.

IP Scan: Fast Network Inventory with Docusnap

Docusnap’s advanced IP Scan allows you to inventory and analyze the desired networks without the need for administrative rights.
The IP Scan in Docusnap gives you the opportunity to search a network extensively for active systems. No login information or community strings are used. All you need for this first overview are the relevant IP address ranges. In addition, the network inventory in Docusnap is agentless, so that no installations or configurations have to be made on the systems to be inventoried.
This way you can quickly and easily inventory a new network and find out, for example, how many systems are available. With the help of the operating system information, it is then possible to subdivide systems into corresponding categories: number of Windows systems, number of Linux systems, number of possible SNMP systems, etc.

A detailed functional description of the IP Scanner in Docusnap can be found in our HowTo Inventorying via IP Scan.

Close Inventory Gaps

You can also use the IP scan to inventory those active components in your own network that you have not yet captured with a more detailed scan (Windows, Linux, etc.). Reasons for this may be that the system is not known or the necessary credentials are missing.
We will show you how to do this in our blog post
IP Scanner: Close Inventory and Documentation Gaps.

That’s Docusnap:

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