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IP Scanner: Close Inventory and Documentation Gaps

August 1, 2019

An up-to-date and complete IT documentation is a prerequisite for an orderly IT operation. No matter whether it is a manually managed Excel list or fully automatic inventory and documentation software – every admin has documented his IT in some form or other. Because only those who know what exists in their network can actively control, operate and above all protect it.
But is your documentation also complete? Inventory and documentation gaps can be very dangerous. Harmless, new systems that have already been set up but not yet created in Active Directory. Private mobile phones and tablets of employees or even network-compatible IoT devices, such as coffee machines or refrigerators, which represent potential entry points for all kinds of malicious software. Dangerous foreign hardware from criminal attackers who actively want to access data. All this can hide in these dark corners of the IT network.

IP scan function closes inventory and documentation gaps

Docusnap closes these gaps with the help of a powerful IP scanner. In addition to the automatic inventories for Windows and SNMP, Docusnap also offers an IP scan function. With the help of the IP-Scanner it is possible to search network segments systematically. The goal of the IP scan is to capture unknown systems that could not be detected with other scan functions, for example because they do not have an AD account, and thus close inventory and documentation gaps.
The IP scanner integrated in Docusnap inventories not only the host name and the IP and Mac address, but also the operating system, the manufacturer, the system family, the operating time, the last system start and the scan date. The IP scanner is so intelligent that it only inventories systems that have not already been scanned by another process (e.g. Windows AD-Scan).

Close inventory and documentation gaps with the help of the IP scanner. Because only a complete IT documentation is a good IT documentation.

That’s Docusnap:

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