A map is worth a thousand lists!

Use visualizations to keep full control.

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Gain an impression of Docusnap.

Individual appearance

Levels freely selectable

Communications of all systems

Docusnap communication map

Realistic mapping

Individual appearance

Cable connections included

Docusnap hardware rack diagram with cable connections

Filterable paths

Detailed information

Individual appearance

Docusnap Layer 3 routing map

Identify dependencies

Levels freely selectable

Individual layout

Docusnap visualisation of IT dependencies

Filterable paths

Automatic creation

Individual customizations

Docusnap Active Directory replication map

Communication map

Graphical evaluation of the communication links of a system

Hardware rack diagram

Representation of a hardware rack diagram including cable ocnnections within the infrastructure editor

Layer 3 routing map

Visual representation of a layer 3 routing map as part of IT documentation

IT dependencies

Rule-based analysis and representation of dependencies

Active Directory replication map

Graphical representation of Active Directory replications

Automated creation.

Benefit from automated and scheduled creation, filing and (if desired) e-mail delivery of the most common maps, such as Layer 3 network maps, Active Directory maps or cabling maps.

graphic automated creation

Intuitive wizards.

Intuitive wizards simplify the work steps and guide you step by step through your tasks.

graphic intuitive visualization

Customization and export.

Change the visual appearance or content of maps according to your individual needs and export them for further processing in HTML or Microsoft Visio file format.

graphic individual customizing

Create a network map with just 4 clicks

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