The easiest solution for IT documentation ever!

Automated IT documentation anywhere and anytime in the cloud.

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Docusnap365 inventories software and hardware, common application servers as well as IT infrastructure und common Microsoft Cloud products.

Automatic data inventory


Using Docusnap365, you automatically receive up-to-date reports, maps and summaries. Either for the complete IT environment or for any subarea.

Comprehensive documentation


Docusnap365 automatically detects relationships between systems, harware and software and lets you analyze any sub-area, site or project in an instant.

Detailed analysis

The further development of an excellent software solution !

Docusnap is the leading software for automated IT inventory, documentation and analysis - and has been since 2004. Docusnap365 continues this tradition in the cloud.

Although Docusnap365 supports you in the same areas of your daily work, the software is a completely new product. We have used our years of expertise to combine the benefits of a cloud solution with the great features of Docusnap. The result is a completely new way of IT documentation.

Docusnap365 automatically detects the relationships between your IT systems, hardware and software, users and much more. Tags and global filters also allow you to perform ad hoc and very detailed evaluations on sub-areas of your IT network, locations, platforms or projects.

As a cloud software, Docusnap365 can also be used from any location with almost any device that has an internet connection. This makes mobile working, which is increasingly required in today's world, extremely easy. IT service providers in particular benefit greatly from this, as they can easily access all data both on-site at the customer's location and in their own office or home office.

Of course, the security of your data and the data of your customers is taken care of. We attach the highest importance to data security. Your data never leaves the EU and is secured against loss and external attacks.

You document. We take care of the rest.

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