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Save time through Automation

Discover the network infrastructure, hardware, software and application servers


Docusnap captures the information of the network infrastructure, hardware, and software as well as common application servers for you.

Generate reports and maps of your network


Let Docusnap generate reports and maps of your network. Create contingency plans and operation manuals.

Who has access to which data, is software correctly licensed, IT dependencies


Learn who has access to which data and whether your software is licensed correctly. Identify IT dependencies.


Get a first impression of Docusnap

Organic representation of a layer 2 topology map including switches, VMware hosts, and connection information
Layer 3 network map generated automatically by Docusnap
License evaluation report showing an example of operating system licensing
Visualization showing how processes and services depend on IT components
Visualization in the Docusnap Web Client showing the communication links of an application server
Docusnap Web Client showing the group memberships of a user
Display of workstation data inventoried with the Docusnap Web Client

Benefits for you

Agent-free inventory of your network using scheduled jobs

Perform an agent-free inventory of your network using scheduled jobs.

Integrated standard diagrams and reports

Get quick results with our integrated standard diagrams and reports.

Export Microsoft Office products and Visio

Export the results to common Office products and Visio for further processing.

Integrated web client to access the data on mobile devices and tablet computers

Use the integrated web client to access the data on mobile devices and tablet computers.

Data available to other software solutions

Make data available to other software solutions, such as help desk solutions.

Various editing options for flexible customizations

Use the various editing options for flexible customizations.

Overview of Docusnap

Additional benefits for Service Providers

Acquire the IT infrastructure

Easily discover the IT infrastructure of new customers.

Document successful IT-projects in a professional way

Document your IT-projects in a professional way.

Extend your portfolio and offer IT documentation as a service

Extend your portfolio and offer IT documentation as a service.

Docusnap provides optimum consulting services

Use the always up-to-date IT documentation to ensure the best possible consulting for your customers.

Thousands of Experts trust in Docusnap!

Sample Documentation

A sample documentation provides a first impression of the IT documentation.

Sample Reports

Get a first insight into the meaningful reports of Docusnap.

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