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Welche Vertragsvarianten von Docusnap gibt es?
Klassischerweise wird Docusnap als Kauflizenz vertrieben. Alternativ können Sie sich für ein Jahresabonnement entscheiden.

Purchase license

Incl. 1 year service contract

Complete edition for documentation of several companies


Purchase license

Complete edition for documentation of several companies


Annual subscription

incl. service contract

Complete edition for documentation of several companies three


How is the license size for Docusnap calculated?
Docusnap must always be licensed for your entire network - consisting of all Windows, Linux, HP-UX and macOS systems and thin clients. Switches, routers, printers and mobile devices are excluded. You can find our license calculator here.



Docusnap Kauflizenz

Mehr als 5000 Lizenzen

Unsere Planoptionen enden nicht bei 5000 Lizenzen. Pläne mit höherem Volumen sind einfach besser mit einer menschlichen Note bedient. Bitte setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung, um einen Preisplan auszuarbeiten, der Ihren Geschäftszielen am besten gerecht wird.

Which contract model suits my needs best?

For short-term projects, we recommend the subscription model. In the long run, the purchase model is cheaper, but here the initial costs are higher. Purchase licenses must also be capitalized for accounting purposes and cannot be immediately claimed as a 100% expense.

What are the benefits of the service contract?

With an active service contract, you receive all updates to current versions and functions. A service contract is indispensable for inventory software, because otherwise, when manufacturers make changes to their products, it is not possible to obtain the patches and updates needed for Docusnap's continued functionality.

Can Docusnap be purchased without a service contract?

No, a service contract for at least 1 year must always be purchased with a new purchase. We recommend a 3-year contract, which is cheaper in relation to the total term.

Do I get updates with a subscription?

The rental version of Docusnap always includes the latest version of Docusnap including all patches.

I am an IT system house and want to sell Docusnap to my customers, is there a partner program?

Yes, there is a special partner program, please contact our sales department At this page we have listed use cases for IT service providers and system houses.

Even if you are not looking for a partnership, you can still sell Docusnap to your customers as a reseller. We would also ask you to contact our sales department in this case.

In which currencies can I purchase Docusnap?

We prefer payment based on Euro, but we also offer invoicing in US dollars. Please note that once a contract is signed, the currency cannot be changed.

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Are there license sizes above a network size of 5,000 systems?

Of course, there are also licenses with a network size of more than 5.000. In this case we would like to ask you to contact our sales department for special conditions.

Can the license size be increased or decreased later?

The license size can be increased at any time without a disadvantage in price. You only pay the price difference between the old and the new license. Reducing a license size works without any restrictions in the subscription contract model after the end of the period. A purchase license can also be reduced at the end of the service contract period. The reduction only affects future service contract renewals.

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