Apply Your Own Design to Docusnap!

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Customise Docusnap documents with your corporate design !

Individual Options

The documentation output of Docusnap can be customized to reflect the customer’s corporate design.

In Docusnap, adapting the documentation to your corporate design is done with a few clicks. Customization is possible for the following aspects:

  • Cover sheets
  • Headers and footers
  • Embedding individual logos
  • Color scheme

If the appearance of the IT documentation is in line with the corporate design, it is better readable and will be accepted more easily by all employees using it.

Report Design

Docusnap comes with a great number of standard reports which supply all essential information. If you have individual requirements that go beyond the predefined output documents, the integrated Docusnap Report Designer allows you to modify existing or create new reports. You can also order custom reports directly from the publisher of the software, itelio GmbH, according to your specific guidelines. It goes without saying that these individual reports will comply with the same quality standards as the predefined reports.

Project Flow

If you desire a professional customization by our consultants, we need your specifications (corporate design guide) to be able to submit you an individual quote. After you have approved the quote, the modifications will be implemented by our consultants, finalized, and delivered to you.

After you have advised us of the desired content, our consultants will determine the cost and effort necessary for designing a new report and submit a quote based on the requirement document. After you have placed your order based on our quote, the report will be designed, quality-assured and delivered to you. By outsourcing report design, you will benefit from the experience and competence of the Docusnap consultants who know the Docusnap data structures inside out and thus are able to create new documents quickly and efficiently.

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