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Microsoft IIS Inventory

The Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows® servers are the most popular platform for operating ASP.NET websites, web services, and web applications, thus providing the basis for application servers, such as Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Exchange (Outlook Web Access). With its IIS feature, Docusnap makes it possible to inventory essential information from the Internet Information Services and store it as structured data in the Configuration Management Database.

Flexible Inventory Process

The inventory process for the IIS exclusively uses standard interfaces and standard protocols. This enables Docusnap to find the necessary data and information without installing any agents. In terms of technology, Docusnap uses WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) to retrieve the basic IIS information. By using administrative shares for access, detailed information on the configuration of the respective websites, web services, and web applications can subsequently be acquired.


The areas scanned by Docusnap when inventorying the Internet Information Services include the following:

  • Website information
  • FTP information
  • SMTP information
  • Virtual directories
  • Web service extensions

For a detailed list of all retrieved values, see the linked PDF file or the sample documentations.

Inventorying the IIS information in Docusnap is wizard-driven. Moreover, Docusnap provides the option to create a scheduled task which is sent to the Docusnap Server for execution at a later time. This means that Docusnap is able to perform the inventory process in a fully automated manner and at user-defined times.


You can create extensive reports and overviews containing the relevant information at a click of the mouse. Docusnap can further be configured to generate reports and overviews by running scheduled and automated jobs. The delivery of this information to a defined e-mail recipient, in turn, can likewise be scheduled and automated. Sample reports:

  • IIS Directory Information
  • IIS Website Information
  • IIS General Survey

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