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Everything is based on the Inventory

License management in a company is a highly demanding task for the inventory and analysis software to be used. As many steps as possible should be automated.

The basic Windows, Linux, and Mac features provide the basic data for the Docusnap License Management feature. These features scan all systems in use and their installed software within a network. In addition, the ADS (Active Directory Services) feature scans the existing users and groups as well as their memberships.

Licensing Models

Every software publisher uses specific licensing models which need to be verified in the License Management feature to make sure that all software is properly licensed.

A license scan highly depends on the units selected to determine the inventory of licenses. In practice, licenses are often counted by systems, users, processors, or processor cores. It goes without saying that all of these variants are supported by the Docusnap License Management feature.

Docusnap allows you to specify complex structures, such as upgrade and downgrade paths which influence license calculation. To make license management even more transparent, the retrieved licenses are grouped. In Docusnap, you can also specify and monitor the contract terms of your licenses.

Contract Management

The License Management feature allows you to easily store existing license agreements or any other documents and assign them to the respective software. The contracts are stored digitally, e.g. in PDF format.


Assigning different version states (patch versions, service releases, etc.) to a purchased license is usually a very time-consuming task. Docusnap solves this problem in a simple and smart way by using search patterns which allow the use of placeholders. This way, all installations e.g. of Microsoft Office version 12.* can be assigned to the associated license in your possession.

Optimum Adjustment

To capture the usage behavior on Terminal Servers, Docusnap provides a script which tracks the login history on each server and supplies this data to license management.

The explicit exclusion of certain systems, such as test installations, makes Docusnap consider only those systems which are actually productive when calculating licenses.

Processing the Results

Many standard reports and graphics that provide ideal evaluations for different target groups are supplied with the License Management feature. Users can choose from the following report types:

  • Corporate license evaluation
  • Detail reports per license
  • Use of product keys
  • Software lists
  • and many more.

Automation and Reusability

Combining a software inventory with a feature for license management helps you to keep all data permanently up to date. If desired, you can use the Docusnap Server Service to automate these tasks. All reports and inventory scans can be scheduled using the Docusnap Server. You can for instance define that Docusnap sends monthly corporate license reports to the desired recipients. With only a few clicks, it is possible to customize the reports to reflect your corporate design.

License consultants and IT systems providers can export predefined search patterns and apply them consistently for any desired tenant or company.

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