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Microsoft Exchange Server Documentation

With the Microsoft Exchange Server e-mail and groupware system, Microsoft provides a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and communication both inside and outside an organization. Due to the various possible applications of the Exchange infrastructure (e.g. distribution to multiple locations, forests, domains, and subdomains), the associated documentation is of great importance for any decision-making process. Besides looking at the infrastructure, Docusnap is also able to determine permissions on mailboxes, mailbox folders, and public folders and to clearly represent them according to formal criteria.


Docusnap uses the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) standard protocol to identify the Exchange servers. In addition to LDAP, the actual infrastructure inventory process uses the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and PowerShell for information retrieval.

Among other data, Docusnap provides the following information on Microsoft Exchange infrastructures:

  • Organization configuration
  • Server configuration
  • Recipient configuration
  • Mailboxes including mailbox folders
  • Permissions on mailboxes
  • Public folders
  • Permissions on public folders
  • Databases
  • Client access
  • Hub transport
  • Unified Messaging
  • Distribution groups

Easy Visualization

As a special feature, Docusnap is able to represent the retrieved information in graphical plans. Items such as send connectors are visualized with their Active Directory locations being taken into account. Adapting the plans to the corporate design of your company and exporting the plans to Microsoft Visio for further processing are done with a few clicks.

Comprehensive Reports

The analysis and evaluation of the information retrieved via the Exchange infrastructure can be done both in the Docusnap user interface and via comprehensive reports. Using predefined reports detailing the access rights on mailboxes, mailbox folders, and public folders, Docusnap helps you represent security-related aspects in a meaningful and transparent way. Other reports related to the Exchange environment are:

Mailbox overview (number of mailbox items, mailbox sizes)

  • Distribution groups
  • Address lists

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