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Microsoft SharePoint Environment Documentation

Microsoft SharePoint has become a central platform for internal and external collaboration in many companies. SharePoint is mainly used for Collaboration, Portal, Enterprise Search, Enterprise Content Management, Web Content Management, forms, workflows and Business Intelligence. These manifold applications as well as their impact on the day-to-day business workflow need to be documented seamlessly. These and other tasks, such as an analysis of the access rights, can be performed comprehensively with Docusnap.

Standard Interfaces

Microsoft provides the SharePoint Software Development Kit (SDK) as a central tool to access information from SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Services, and SharePoint Foundation without the use of agents. To inventory this information, Docusnap uses a fully automated process. You can choose to configure your inventory scans for scheduled and periodic execution by the Docusnap Server.


Due to the multi-faceted use of SharePoint, there is a broad range of data and information that can be inventoried and processed for later analysis in the Docusnap database. This covers data such as:

  • Farm information
  • Information on the SharePoint configuration
  • Farm features
  • Web applications
  • Timer jobs
  • Permissions
  • Farm servers
  • Services
  • Easy Inventory Process

A convenient wizard helps you with inventorying the SharePoint information. With Docusnap, you can also create scheduled jobs which will be processed automatically and without any further user interaction by the Docusnap Server.

SharePoint Permissions Analysis

Besides the inventory and documentation of the SharePoint infrastructure, Docusnap allows you to perform comprehensive analyses of the SharePoint permission structure. The Permission Analysis feature combines the information from SharePoint inventory with the data retrieved by the ADS feature (users and groups) to obtain and present the effective permissions for users and groups. This takes all factors, such as inheritance, inheritance blocks, group memberships, or rights assignment via groups, into account.

A number of additional features, such as a graphical display of the permission origin and of the group hierarchy, or various filter options, make Docusnap even more an all-in-one tool for an effective and efficient analysis methodology.

Comprehensive Reports

Meaningful reports which can be generated automatically and can even be scheduled using the Docusnap Server are an integral part of the SharePoint feature. Reports on the SharePoint farm and the existing web applications are provided by default. What is more, the reports described in connection with the Permission Analysis feature are of course also available for SharePoint.

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