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Opting for a user-friendly, intuitive software such as Docusnap is a cost-effective decision for every company: The training period for Docusnap is extremely short, so that – besides the investment for the actual software – the costs incurred by the company for familiarizing the staff with Docusnap are extremely low. Among the employees, the acceptance of using Docusnap is very high, as they get started quickly with its functionality. Thus, they will use Docusnap very soon efficiently and to the benefit of their company.

Besides the all-technical features for IT documentation, Docusnap offers a number of useful additional features which ensure that the software will be used and applied to its optimum in no time at all.

We speak multiple languages!

Docusnap is a multilingual application, its user interface and the subsequent documentation output can be set to either English or German. This means that you may for instance work in a German user interface and create documentation in English, or vice versa. For the user interface as well as for the output of documentation, you can select German or English, just as needed.

Multi-Tenant Capability

For corporate groups as well as for IT consulting companies, multi-tenancy of a software solution is a must. If required, the features of Docusnap may be optionally extended by adding this very multi-tenant capability. The multi-tenant license of Docusnap allows you to manage any number of customer networks or all networks of subsidiary companies. It goes without saying that Docusnap supports the corporate designs of the various companies.

Multi-User Capability

Docusnap is based on a 2-tier-architecture and thus features multi-user capability. This considerably extends the possible fields of application of the software. In addition, central configuration options make it easier to set up Docusnap in the network for access by all intended users. Users greatly benefit from the fact that Docusnap relies on an internal, role-based permission model which is well suited to control data and feature access on an individual basis.

User Assistance

Throughout the software, users are assisted in their tasks by wizards. What is more, users have permanent access to integrated tutorials, dashboards, an extensive user manual and the online help. The tutorials and the user guide are helpful resources for getting started quickly and successfully with Docusnap.

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