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Windows Inventory

The majority of computing systems in most networks are Microsoft Windows-based systems. These systems are used both for client and for server environments. The basic Windows feature of Docusnap makes it easy to inventory all Microsoft Windows systems and to store the resulting data in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for further analysis.

Standard Interfaces

The basic Windows feature exclusively uses standard interfaces and protocols, enabling Docusnap to perform an inventory scan without installing or using any software agents. The inventory process only requires a network connection and a valid administrator ID as additional components. Based on the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) and ICMP (Internet Control Management Protocol) standard protocols, Docusnap retrieves the data automatically and, if required, periodically.

The information scanned by the Docusnap Windows feature in a typical Microsoft Windows installation includes the following:

  • Installed software and hotfixes
  • Printers
  • Shares including permissions
  • Local users and groups
  • Hardware (CPU, monitors, drives, etc.)
  • Volumes
  • Services
  • Roles (server)
  • Network configuration
  • Configuration data
  • etc.

Easy Inventory Process

An inventory scan with Docusnap can be performed using the wizard or be scheduled for later execution using a server service or by running a supplied script. The script option is e.g. ideally suited for integration into an existing login script. By using a script, even devices which are not regularly connected to the network (e.g. notebook computers of field staff) can be scanned.

The search for potential Windows systems normally relies on the domain controller in the network. Alternatively, you can also instruct Docusnap to search on the basis of one ore multiple IP ranges.

Comprehensive Documents

A documentation wizard allows you to output data sheets for all scanned Windows servers and clients. With a few clicks, you can customize the data sheet format to reflect the corporate design of the respective company.

A special highlight of Docusnap is the automatic creation of IP network plans where all scanned systems are arranged in a central network plan.

Possibilities You Never Dreamed Of

Docusnap enables you, using the running and installed services within a Windows installation, to set precise fields of application for a server. For instance, you can explicitly search for a service called “Exchange Server”. If Docusnap finds this service in a Windows installation, you can assign this server the role of a mail server.

For special requirements, you can include up to three external data acquisition programs or tools in a Windows inventory process. The data captured by these programs will of course be integrated into the documentation.

In order to find legacy software in the network, i.e. software which does not register in the system using the Windows Installer, Docusnap additionally offers a search for software based on file patterns.

Enabling Advanced Analyses

The basic Windows feature of Docusnap lays the foundation for further analyses using the License Management and Permission Analyses features. The information retrieved during the inventory scan are required by both features to perform a correct permission analyses or a transparent license analysis.

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