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Check the Security State of Your IT

Check the Security State of your IT

  • Use the Permission Analysis feature to find out who may access which data.
  • Inform your department heads automatically of the employees who are authorized to access their department resources.
  • Make security evaluations, e.g. to determine whether virus scanners or firewalls are configured properly.
  • Check whether your backup really includes all data that is critical for the company.
Manage Your Licenses

Manage your Licenses

  • Manage your license and software maintenance agreements.
  • Identify any over-licensing and under-licensing situations.
  • Assign software installations found during the inventory process to the corresponding software contracts using common metrics.
  • Get notifications about expiring contracts ahead of time.
Identify Existing IT Dependencies

Identify existing IT Dependencies

  • Extend the collection of information beyond mere IT, i.e. record structures such as sites, departments, processes, and services.
  • Document correlations between IT components and business structures.
  • Visualize these correlations by creating graphical representations, i.e. diagrams or maps.
  • Organize your IT systematically by grouping the various components and placing them on different layers.

IT dependencies of a Windows Server

License evaluation
Exchange permissions
Directory permissions

Analysis tailored to your Requirements

  • Use a custom documentation framework to improve the structure of your IT representation.
  • Define your own rule sets to enable Docusnap to automatically find correlations in your network.
  • Determine which of the inventoried data will be used for analysis.
  • Adapt the results of your analysis to your own or your customer’s corporate design – in a few steps.
  • Conceive custom evaluations and reports to get answers to specific questions on your IT.
  • Decide which analysis and evaluations are to be performed automatically at what times.

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