Ensure correct Licensing

Full Control of your Licensing Situation – At any time

Organize your License Contracts

Gather all your acquired license contracts in Docusnap.

Add the original documents, e.g. as PDF files, together with the acquired contracts.

Assign any additional information to your contracts, such as cost centers.

Evaluate which product keys are used with which systems.

Inventory the installed Software

A Docusnap inventory determines all installed software in the network.

If necessary, Docusnap can search for installed software on the basis of file patterns.

If you work with terminal servers, you can use Docusnap to log the usage of software on these servers.

Organize inventoried software programs into product groups, e.g. to consolidate patch versions.

Exclude irrelevant systems, such as test environments, from the inventory.

Determine your License Requirements

Map common licensing schemes, e.g. from Microsoft, within Docusnap.

Identify undesired software products, such as games.

Use our extensive evaluations for software audits and analyses.

Ensure that the licensing situation complies with your commercial records.

Keep your License Management Up-to-date

Avoid financial drawbacks by setting up timely notifications, e.g. about expiring software contracts.

Make sure that your data is always up-to-date by setting up automated inventories.

Use license evaluations, e.g. in IT concepts, and have them updated periodically.

Docusnap can e-mail you important license analyses on a regular basis if desired.

Report on the use and assignment of a software license to particular systems in the License Management module
Wizard for entering software agreements in the License Management module
Wizard for entering and managing licenses in the License Management module
Complete list of all inventoried Windows, Linux, and Mac software in the License Management module
Report showing a license evaluation summary for the entire company