More efficient IT Documentation

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Create contingency plans and operation manuals

Create contingency plans and operation manuals

  • Leverage the predefined Docusnap templates when creating your own concepts.
  • Extend your documents, as desired, by adding free text.
  • Flexibly use the inventory data stored in Docusnap for your concepts.
  • Enhance your contingency plans and operation manuals using maps and reports supplied by Docusnap.
Build Your Own Standard

Set your own Standard

  • Define individual templates for your concepts in line with the standards of your company.
  • Make your documentation templates available to your colleagues.
  • Use placeholders for data in your templates and let Docusnap populate the templates later.
  • Adapt the appearance of your documents to your CD.
Keep Your Documentation Up-to-Date

Keep your Documentation Up-to-date

  • Update the data used in your concepts using the Docusnap inventory features.
  • Determine the date and time of updates of your data in concepts.
  • Use scheduled jobs for the export of your documentation, e.g. as PDF, Word, or HTML files.
  • Create scheduled jobs to receive concepts by e-mail after changes have been made to it.
Provide Valuable Information to Your Customers

Provide valuable information to your customers

  • Use IT concepts to easily supply your customers with standardized documentation.
  • Use templates to simplify the process of creating customer documentation.
  • Define a separate corporate design for each customer to gain more acceptance.
  • Provide your customers with current documentation as required using the Scheduling feature.

IT Concepts with Docusnap

Document creation

Elements can be added easily to the IT emergency manual using a dialog

Contingency plans
Disaster recovery plan

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