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Docusnap – a perfect product solution for any requirement

Docusnap Editions

The optimum solution for every purpose

Docusnap now comes in different product editions, enabling you to select the perfect solution for your requirements. There are six distinct Docusnap editions whose functionalities are built on each other, starting with the Docusnap FREE Edition. So, users can select among the Docusnap FREE Edition, the Docusnap BASIC Edition, the Docusnap SAM Edition, the Docusnap SECURITY Edition, the Docusnap PREMIUM Edition, and the ULTIMATE Edition to find the most suitable product solution for themselves. While the FREE Edition is perfectly suited to users who need to efficiently document small computer networks, the BASIC Edition offers a quick and straightforward overview of the IT infrastructure. The SAM Edition is the ideal tool to perform a detailed inventory of your entire IT environment and comprehensive license management, while the SECURITY Edition can even keep your system safe: besides the complete inventory of your network, it carries out in-depth security analyses based on a previous permission analysis. The PREMIUM Edition adds a wealth of additional features and thus provides detailed insight, analyses and business integration. Based on this, the multifarious functionality of the PREMIUM Edition allows, on top of detailed inventories and analyses, the integration of business structures. The ULTIMATE Edition is specifically made for IT service providers and corporate groups. It enables the use of Docusnap for the documentation of customer networks or corporate group structures.

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