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IT Inventory

A more than comprehensive evaluation

Proper IT documentation requires a detailed and up-to-date hardware and software inventory. The Docusnap software supports the automated retrieval of system values and configurations. Docusnap collects this data without interfering with the existing IT environment. The inventory process can be performed by means of a user-friendly wizard, triggered by a script, or run as a scheduled task via the Docusnap Server. The Discovery Service integrated in Docusnap enables decentralized inventory of further sites, for example via the Internet or internal VPN connections.


  • Hardware and Software
  • Application Servers
  • Flexible, Decentralized Inventory

IT Assets

  • Predefined IT Asset Types
  • Data Import
  • Integration of Concepts


  • Comments,
    Resubmission Feature
  • Document Management
  • Password Management

IT Inventory

IT Documentation

Required IT documentation always at hand

IT documentation must always be up-to-date. In a first step, the software collects a wealth of different data from the IT environment and saves it in a central database. Docusnap then generates a variety of documents such as plans, lists, or reports from this database – just as required. In addition, the software allows you to customise data structures and to extend the system documentation by adding manual information.
The Docusnap Web Client enables mobile data access at any time. With the help of the software, the physical infrastructure such as racks and cabling can be fully captured and visualized.

IT Documentation

  • Multi-tenant capability
  • Additional Web Client


  • Automated Layout Generation
  • Export to Visio
  • Plans and Diagrams

Passive Network Components

  • Racks
  • Sites
  • Passive Cabling

IT Documentation

IT Analysis

Effortless insight

While the Permission Analysis module is used to carry out in-depth security analyses, reports and visualizations help you obtain a good overview of the IT environment. The easy-to-use Licensing Management system allows you to keep track of the corporate licensing situation. What’s more, with Docusnap all open data connections and communication paths can be detected and evaluated in detail.

Permission Analysis

  • Constant Monitoring
  • Effective Permissions
  • Windows File System
  • MS Exchange, MS SharePoint

License Management

  • Comparison of Expected /
    Actual Licenses
  • Automatic License Scan
  • Contract Management
  • Comprehensive Reports

Communication Paths

  • TCP/UDP Connections
  • Service Usage in the Network
  • Graphical Representation
  • Ready-made Reports


IT Intelligence

High level of transparency

With Docusnap, dependencies between business processes, IT services and the required IT systems can be presented in a clear and transparent way. This enables business critical constellations to be specifically analyzed and rectified. Based on an analysis of the existing IT relations, complex issues can be understood at a glance or defined manually, if required. Using the Docusnap IT Concepts feature, it is possible to create operating and emergency manuals, system datasheets, and recovery plans and to update them automatically.

Business Integration

  • Business Processes
  • IT Services
  • Organizational Units

IT Concepts

  • Concept Templates
  • Contingency Plans
  • Operating Manuals


  • Graphical Representation
  • Concept Integration
  • Visio Export

IT Intelligence

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