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Use IT relations to visualise the dependencies between your IT devices !

Complex Relations

A computing environment is made up of countless parts which build upon each other based on particular rules, or which are interdependent. So, the failure of one single component often causes a failure chain of downstream systems. For this reason, the requirements when documenting these dependencies between individual systems are particularly high: To display such relations in a clear and transparent way is a key characteristic of a well-designed Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Only if tasks such as conducting an impact analysis or quickly identifying interdependencies of systems are backed by a meaningful documentation, it is possible to deliver reliable results. Moreover, information on the relations between the IT systems is urgently needed when it comes to plan future network policies and investments.

Easy Documentation

Thanks to its comprehensive automatic inventory options and the detailed, CMDB-based system information, Docusnap lays the foundation for the documentation of dependencies. Relations which can be determined in an automated way (e.g. a network adapter belongs to a particular server) are entered automatically into the CMDB by Docusnap. Relations which are not retrievable automatically (e.g. a website depends on a particular database server), can be documented easily by the user via drag & drop. Here, the user may even parameterize the various connections, e.g. service level agreements (SLA), required protocols, areas of responsibility. The stored parameters can of course be customized as desired. For each object within Docusnap, there is a tab which allows you to check if any dependencies to other objects exist. With Docusnap, you can always make sure that no system will be affected unexpectedly or has its functionality impaired, e.g. by upcoming maintenance work.

Output and Integration

Export of the various types of relation diagrams from Docusnap to Microsoft Visio is possible at any time. Since Docusnap arranges the configuration items and defines the layout of the connection lines automatically, manual documentation work is considerably simplified.

For planning scenarios, Docusnap provides countless graphic objects that allow you to extend the actual documentation. Tasks such as the initial scan for the inventory of an existing network environment are performed automatically by Docusnap. The user can subsequently extend the documentation by just adding the planned items.

All IT relations defined in Docusnap can be directly linked with IT concepts. For these concepts, Docusnap provides predefined, but variable templates. If necessary, Docusnap later automatically applies modifications of individual relations within a concept.

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