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Based on the Inventory

Due to large number of software providers and software products, complex license models are inevitable and must be taken into account.

As the responsible manager for the correct use of licenses in a company, you are forced to consider the implementation of software asset management (SAM). A key requirement here is that the software installed and in use is compared to the licenses purchased, based on the license models of each manufacturer.

By capturing and inventorying all software products installed on each system, Docusnap provides an optimum data basis.

Licensing Models

The Docusnap Licensing solution allows you to enter the license agreements for purchased software based on the respective licensing model. Docusnap then associates the installed software base with the license agreements and detects any over-licensing or under-licensing situation. Docusnap is able to map all common variants of licensing models, such as per-device, per-user, per-processor, and per-core licensing. Of course, this also allows for upgrading and downgrading as well as for terminal server licensing.

With Docusnap, you can also monitor undesired software, such as games, or exclude particular systems (e.g. test systems) from license management.


Docusnap comes with a contract management feature including a reminder function that rounds off the solution. Thus, license agreements can be stored digitally in Docusnap (as PDF files).

Using a keyword-based assignment method, you can consolidate patches and minor versions in a very easy and efficient way. Installing a patch will therefore not affect your license management.

The results of the expected / actual comparison are evaluated using transparent reports and it is, of course, a piece of cake to align them with each desired CI. It is very easy to schedule the inventory process and the corresponding evaluations for a certain date and time. What is more, you can have Docusnap automatically e-mail the results to the responsible managers.

Docusnap has already proved its efficiency many times at license checks or audit occasions.

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