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Data and Documents

The daily routine in IT departments involves many transactions of data and documents related to organizational matters. All affected data should be accessible and available when they are needed – also at a later time. This information includes among others contracts, reminders, passwords, finance details and other individual company data. In addition, it might be necessary to adhere to global facility management requirements or to even implement them autonomously.

CMDB-Based Linking and Management

The fact that inventory scans may be performed at any time and that the results are stored in the supplied, flexible Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
make Docusnap an ideal tool for managing and storing incidental information so that it is accessible at any time.

The brilliant idea behind Docusnap is to link the information obtained from the inventory scan with the configuration items where this information is required all the time. Thus, it is possible to store the BIOS password with the respective computer or the license agreement directly with the software. It goes without saying that all documents can be retrieved using a central list, regardless of their hierarchical position.

Passwordmanagement in Docusnap

File Attachments

Besides the management of comments, passwords, contracts, finance details, and reminders, Docusnap provides an extremely convenient feature: With all these document
types, any kind of attachments can be stored. For comments, Docusnap even adds the file attachments automatically to the output documentation, if desired.

File Attachment Feature

Password Management

The password management feature of Docusnap stores all passwords in encrypted form in the database. Only the respective user knows the individual password key.
The administrator has a log file to find out which user accessed a certain password at a given time. These features make it easy to track the passwords assigned and
used in the network.

Passwordlog in Docusnap

Monitoring and Integration

If desired, the Docusnap server assumes various monitoring functions in the network. The Docusnap server service automatically sends out notifications to each user who must meet deadlines, renew software licenses, or execute certain functions. Consequently, the user always has an up-to-date IT documentation available.

With a special facility management interface, Docusnap is able, at any time, to directly transfer inventoried data from the systems to FaciPlan, the facility management software solution of our partner FaciWare GmbH, and subsequently manage the inventoried data in FaciPlan.

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Contract Management

Contract Management

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