Passive Network Components

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Gathering and Visualizing the Physical Infrastructure

Network Components

With Docusnap, the physical infrastructure such as racks and cabling can be fully captured and visualized. Via the IT Assets feature, it is possible to create server racks and patch panels in Docusnap. What’s more, Docusnap provides the option of managing patch panels, network sockets and the allocation of server racks, and showing them graphically in the plans. A requirement here is to correctly set up the relevant passive network component and its assignment.

Racks and Sites

Sites, buildings and rooms can be captured and structured at will in Docusnap. It is possible to assign IT systems or IT assets to the relevant rooms and sites.

In addition, racks with different rack units can be defined and assigned to rooms. Hardware components such as servers can be defined in terms of rack units and be added to the racks. It is not important whether these components were inventoried automatically or created manually. The layout can of course be shown graphically and can be output as a plan or exported to Visio.

Passive Cabling

Passive cabling components cannot be captured by an automated scan, but are still an important part of any IT documentation. Docusnap provides the option of manually adding patch panels and network sockets, and integrating them in the IT documentation. IT systems can be assigned to the various patch panel ports and network sockets. Additional information such as cable types and colors can also be entered.

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