Does drawing network diagrams manually annoy you?

Docusnap automatically and autonomously creates network maps, routing maps, etc. for you.

Docusnap Header network information

Automated creation.

Benefit from automated and scheduled creation, filing and (if desired) e-mail delivery of the most common maps, such as Layer 3 network maps, Active Directory maps or cabling maps.

Graphic automated creation

Intuitive wizards.

Intuitive wizards simplify the work steps and guide you step by step through your tasks.

Graphic intuitive assistents

Individual customization and export.

Change the visual appearance or content of maps according to your individual needs and export them for further processing in HTML or Microsoft Visio file format.

Graphic customer sites

Docusnap - the on-premises classic !

Our on-premises solution is the leading software solution for automated and recurring IT inventory, documentation and analysis. With the help of Docusnap, you can get a detailed overview of your IT infrastructure in just a few minutes. Benefit from comprehensive customizable inventory, documentation and analysis functionality.

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Docusnap365 - the flexible cloud solution !

Are you looking for IT documentation software that is available anytime, anywhere and across devices? Then Docusnap365 is exactly what you need! Our new cloud alternative makes your daily IT routine even more flexible. Dive into a new world of IT documentation with the SaaS solution Docusnap365 for documenting and inventorying your IT.


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