Work efficiently with dynamic manuals!

Create all your manuals in Docusnap and save a lot of time by using dynamic inventory data.

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Emergency plans and operations manuals.

Use templates provided in Docusnap to quickly and easily create IT concepts, such as emergency plans and operations manuals. Use the data, reports, and plans already captured in Docusnap flexibly in your concepts.

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Automated updating and distribution.

Outdated concepts are a thing of the past. Benefit from automated and time-controlled updating, filing and (if desired) e-mail delivery of all your individual IT concepts.

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Optimal also for customer documentation.

Simplify the process of creating individual customer documentation by using templates. Store your own corporate design per customer and thereby create more acceptance.

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Our on-premises solution is the leading software solution for automated and recurring IT inventory, documentation and analysis. With the help of Docusnap, you can get a detailed overview of your IT infrastructure in just a few minutes. Benefit from comprehensive customizable inventory, documentation and analysis functionality.


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