You still manage your IT assets in manually maintained lists?

With Docusnap, you capture all your IT assets quickly, easily and in one place.

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Complete IT documentation with IT assets.

There are systems that cannot be automatically inventoried by Docusnap. Nevertheless, these devices are important for a complete IT documentation. For this reason, Docusnap offers a quick and easy solution to capture these IT assets in a central IT inventory database.

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Create individual IT asset types.

By default, Docusnap already has some device types and classes to which you can assign your IT assets. Since this predefined list cannot be complete, of course, Docusnap offers you an easy way to create individual types and classes. With the help of the intuitive input masks, this is done quickly.

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Integrate IT assets into operational and emergency manuals.

In Docusnap, IT assets, like all other systems, can be easily inserted via drag-and-drop into any concepts, such as operational or emergency manuals. This data is dynamic, which means that if you change something in an IT asset, it is automatically updated in all existing documents in which this asset is included.

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Docusnap - IT assets complete IT documentation .

Our on-premises solution is the leading software solution for automated and recurring IT inventory, documentation and analysis. With the help of Docusnap, you can get a detailed overview of your IT infrastructure in just a few minutes. Benefit from comprehensive customizable inventory, documentation and analysis functionality.


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