IT security at a glance!

With Docusnap and Docusnap365, IT security officers always have an up-to-date overview of all security-related information on their IT network.

Docusnap Header network information

Comprehensive permission analysis.

Verify for any employee which data they can access. Or, conversely, verify who has which access rights to certain directories.

Graphic automated creation

Detailed permission inheritance.

Quickly and easily analyze the composition of any employee's permissions and how they are inherited.

Graphic intuitive visualization

Virus scanners firewalls and co.

Document your Windows firewall settings and identify any gaps. Verify that virus scanners are enabled and up-to-date on all systems.

Graphic customer sites

Use cases .

Gather network information.

Finally, you have an overview of your entire IT network.

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Manage licenses.

It has never been so easy to keep an eye on the licensing situation.

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Inventory IT assets.

From now on, you can manage IT assets quickly, easily and centrally.

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Check permissions.

Quickly find out what permissions a user has in your network?

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Show network plans.

Topology or routing plan? Display plans for your IT network at the push of a button.

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Create manuals.

Create your manuals and save a lot of time with dynamic inventory data.

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