All licenses at a glance?

With Docusnap you will never again lose track of your current license situation.

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Installed software at a glance.

Docusnap regularly detects all software products installed in your IT network. This way, you can quickly and easily see which software versions you have in use and on which systems unwanted programs are installed.

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Intuitive License Wizard.

An intuitive wizard supports you in recording your purchased licenses and automatically assigns them to the software products found according to common metrics. By means of manual correction values, you can exclude, for example, test environments that are not subject to licensing.

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Automatic determination of license requirements.

The assignment of inventoried software products to your purchased licenses is performed by Docusnap automatically and recurrently. This way, you always have an up-to-date overview of your license status and can detect over- or underlicensing at a glance.

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Managing licenses is fun
with Docusnap

Our on-premises solution is the leading software solution for automated and recurring IT inventory, documentation and analysis. With the help of Docusnap, you can get a detailed overview of your IT infrastructure in just a few minutes. Benefit from comprehensive customizable inventory, documentation and analysis functionality.


License Management with Docusnap

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