Cross-system search with Docusnap

Last updated: March 16, 2022

The Log4Shell security issue woke everyone up at the beginning of the year. Even though it was not a bug directly, but a function described in the same way, it could be exploited as a security hole. The solution was found quite quickly, a new version was needed. The problem with these Java installations, however, is that they are not as obvious as one is used to from other programs.

Sometimes it is only installed as an accessory and can be installed multiple times on one system in different versions, but especially in different directories. This makes it extremely difficult to search for it manually.

Even if these gaps have now been closed by the newer versions, no one can rule out that such cases might not occur again soon in a similar or different form. Then identification by individual files and their version number will be necessary again and must be performed on all systems in a network.

No two computers are alike

Different versions of operating systems are often in use in a network. Especially when the transition phase to a new version (currently from Windows 10 to Windows 11) is in progress. But also with programs it can be good that older versions still do their job. Although more and more software providers are making their products available as rental versions these days, there are still many programs that were purchased years ago and are still being used in this version. This practically preprograms security gaps in the future.

However, there may be other and, above all, individual reasons why people start looking for certain files on the systems in the network. And with each additional computer on the network, the effort to search for files increases. Add to that different operating systems, such as Linux or macOS, and the task doesn’t get any easier.

Remedy by Docusnap

Back in January 2022, a network-wide search for the Log4J vulnerability was made available in the form of a cross-system software search on all computer systems. With this function, it was not only possible to quickly track down the affected files, but also to clearly display them using the integrated reports. This not only made it possible to quickly locate the affected files on all computer systems in the network, but also to respond extremely quickly to the threat posed by this vulnerability.

Due to the enormous speed at which this patch was deployed, it was only possible to search for the preset files. In this case, it was the corresponding Java files that did not correspond to the correct version.

Because of the great success in tracking down these vulnerabilities, the Docusnap team set out to significantly extend this simple feature.

Tracking with the latest patch

With the new patch for Docusnap, you as a Docusnap user are able to not only search for individual, arbitrary files, but also perform a software search. This is not just a matter of reading the registry, which lists software registered there. The new software search can also be used to find installations that did not get onto the system through a regular Windows installation.

Many administrators are familiar with the problem that in individual cases a special tool is installed for individual devices. This can be a special PDF reader, a separate tool for archiving and packing files or other software that is needed at the moment. And every administrator also knows that such special solutions are often forgotten. The new function is also very suitable for this, to get an appropriate overview about it.

Not only does this reveal the danger of unwanted software in the company, but it also allows the administrator to deal with the correct licensing of this software if it is to be used again.

In addition, cross-domain file searches can be evaluated with the available Docusnap Connect package. This means that even very large networks that belong to the same company but are divided into different domains (e.g. different locations) can be searched centrally.

Filesearch summary


Detailed instructions on how to perform a software or file search in Docusnap can be found in our HowTo, which you can download as a PDF document.


The larger and more individual the IT network becomes, the more security holes can creep in. With Docusnap, you can significantly simplify time-consuming measures such as a file search across all systems and, in the event of an emergency, you can track down the problem in the shortest possible time, document it using reports and take countermeasures as quickly as possible. Apart from the increased security in the company, a well-organized IT shines here with a rapid solution to such problems.

If you want to convince yourself of the advantages of Docusnap, but don’t want to buy a pig in a poke, you can request a free version of Docusnap on our website.

This gives you 30 days to put the professional IT documentation solution through its paces. And so that you can get started right from the first day, we also offer you our professional support during the free 30 days. Also completely free of charge.