Documentation Project Schedules

Last updated: January 10, 2020

Are you a reader of the article series “IT documentation in 5 Steps?” If yes, we would like to provide you with a tool that will support you in your project.

Based on this article series, we created a project schedule for you. Even if you already have a working IT documentation, you might find some useful suggestions there, maybe for extending your IT concepts, for license management, or for how to save your passwords. Your comments on tasks that might be missing and should be added are welcome! Simply use the comment function of this blog post. We will be glad to enhance the template based on your suggestions.

In many of the tasks, we directly reference the related blog post(s) so that you can read background information on the tasks involved in each of the project steps.

Project schedule template available in various formats

Since several software solutions for project management exist in different versions on the market, we provide a template project schedule in various formats. If you do not use a software tool, you can view the schedule as a PDF file. If you require a format that is not available yet, please let us know by posting a comment on this article.

Template file for Microsoft Project
Project schedule for Microsoft Project 2010
Project schedule for Microsoft Project 2007
Project schedule for Microsoft Project 2003
PDF file

Note on the schedule versions

The template files will be updated in Q3 2014 once all blog posts are online. The tasks in the schedule will not be changed, we will only update the references to the blog posts. If your feedback on the tasks results in changes, these will of course be applied.